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Crash Test Dummies At Work

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No, not the Canadian band, writers of the only top ten song with no vowels in the title . ACTUAL crash test dummies. At the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety‘s Vehicle Research Center, crash test dummies take the place of human occupants as test vehicles are crashed in order to test how safe vehicles are…

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Comic Pundit Steven Colbert

Steven Colbert has become a star playing an exaggerated version of a conservative political pundit.  His shtick has been washing the masses who watch Comedy Central.  His show The Colbert Report has been leading the ratings for the network.  He says of his show, “I deliver my Truth hot and hard.” Of his character, Steven…

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Happy Birthday, Penny Marshall

As half of the comedy team that brought us LAVERNE & SHIRLEY, Penny Marshall has been serving the funny for decades. What started as a one-shot appearance on HAPPY DAYS turned into a spin-off program that eclipsed its rivals. She has gone on to a directing career which includes such features as RIDING IN CARS WITH…

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