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Texting and Driving Documentary

texting and driving documentary

Film director Werner Herzog has created a documentary on texting and driving, FROM ONE SECOND TO THE NEXT. Instead of cold statistics and nagging lectures, the 35-minute-long film focuses on the stories of people who’s lives have been tragically changed by drivers who text and drive. From the 8-year-old boy now paralyzed and unable to…

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Take AT&T’s Anti-Texting Pledge

There are just a few days left to make a public promise to stop texting while driving before AT&T’s No Text on Board Pledge Day. In a campaign that began in August, the wireless provider AT&T is asking drivers to pledge to stop texting while driving. The company is challenging drivers to go to…

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Texting While Driving

texting while driving comedy guys defensive driving blog

Millions of people claim that talking on cell phones and especially texting are dangerous things to do while driving. And millions of other people still talk and text while they’re behind the wheel. A recent study is on the side of those who claim it’s too dangerous. A study by the Virginia Transportation Tech institute…

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