As an added attraction to this year’s  Indianapolis 500 on May 29th, Team Hot Wheels sponsored an attempte to break the world record for a distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle.

Team Hot Wheels is a stunt driving team comprised of four drivers. Originally, the drivers were to be anonymous, known only by the colors Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. This particular impressive bit of driving was accomplished by the Yellow Driver, Tanner Foust. He and his specially prepared truck dropped down 90 feet of track before soaring 332 feet through the air. When he’s not making his car fly, Foust is one of the hosts of Top Gear America.

I think the coolest part is the way they decorated the track. For a Hot Wheels car, it had to be orange with raised sides. Hanging it from a simulated giant door just made it that much sweeter.

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