– which ought to know a little something about risky drivers – recently published a list of which professions make the most dangerous drivers. The report, called The Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession, was created by correlating the number of accident claims with the profession of the person making the claim.

But enough about methodology. Let’s see the results…

The #1 spot went to the legal profession. According to the study’s results, 44% of the judges and attorneys seeking an insurance quote reported having had a previous collision. Compare that to the two lowest ranking professions, homemakers at 24% and professional athletes at 17%.

Coming in at #2 were financial professionals. VP Sam Belden offered an explanation for these results: “Professions that demand multi-tasking – being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule – are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents.”

Completing the Top 10 list were
3. government workers
4. bartenders/waiters
5. business professionals
6. dog groomers
7. marketing/advertising professionals
8. barbers/stylists
9. coaches
10. nurses

The common factor here seems to be busy people who are likely to be rushed and distracted while they’re behind the wheel.

If you’re part of one of these groups, Defensive Driving can help: our driving safety classes can make you aware of the bad habits that make you a danger to yourself and others. And we can help make you safer even if you’re not on this list: our classes, whether live or online, include strategies for reacting to the foolish things other drivers might do.

It’s all part of our mission to make a safer driver out of everyone who takes our class.


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