If you’re looking for something to read this summer, our man Terry Yates has published FULL MOON WORLD, the third installment of his popular Full Moon trilogy of werewolf novels.

This third book in the series find the werewolves have spread across the globe. The survivors from the first two books have traveling with refugees as they move across the country, trying to reach sanctuary while battling lycans along the way.

Can the humans stop the werewolves before they take over the world?

The Full Moon Series

Full Moon IslandFull Moon CountryFull Moon World

Besides having been one of our instructors for years now, Terry Yates is also an experienced stand-up comic, actor, and writer.

A few years ago he turned his creativity toward telling a horror story about werewolves. The first book, FULL MOON ISLAND, was published in 2012, receiving good reviews from readers who immediately began clamoring for the next book.

FULL MOON COUNTRY followed in December 2013, and Yates immediately started work on the third and final installment, FULL MOON WORLD.

You can follow Terry Yates on Twitter and Facebook.


Man does not live by bread alone. Nor do the Comedy Guys live off of comedy alone.

Sure, we use comedy to make our state-approved defensive driving classes more fun and entertaining. But we enjoy a good horror story, too. Especially when its author is one of our own comedian/defensive driving instructors. 

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