It’s been a while since Texas Monthly magazine published their “Bucket List” of 63 experiences every Texan should have.

I’m still a bit embarrassed by how few of them I’ve done.

How do your Texas experiences compare with Texas Monthly’s list?

And to be fair, Texas Monthly magazine actually controls who can do Number 63, so that doesn’t really seem fair.

Not surprisingly for a place as big and culturally diverse as Texas, the list contains a lot of food and tourist experiences in far-away places.

Well, Comedy Guys can’t make places like Archer City or Alpine any closer, but when it comes to driving to these iconic Texas locations easier. Our defensive driving classes will both make you a safer driver and keep your driving record clean by getting speeding tickets dismissed.

Whether you take one of our live defensive driving classes or take our online driving safety course, Comedy Guys will make you better informed, clean up your record, lower your insurance costs, and give you a few laughs.

Surely a Texas experience worth having.

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  1. victor walker on 05/07/2017 at 4:26 am

    I like mechanics and every kind of tool.