WalletHub researched driving in the 100 largest cities in the USA and ranked them according to the costs of owning a car and commuting. And these were just the financial costs: their study included 21 key data and calculated the costs in terms of money, time, safety, and enjoyment.

You can read the article and see the full list here.

But Comedy Guys teaches defensive driving in Texas, so we’ll just give you a list of the Lone Star cities that rank among the 100 most populated.

Overall Rank City “Costs” Rank “Traffic and Road
Conditions” Rank
“Safety” Rank “Driver & Car Wellness” Rank
#1 LUBBOCK 6 3 15 30
#2 CORPUS CHRISTI 9 2 3 65
#13 LAREDO 20 4 1 100
#14 EL PASO 19 12 2 94
#23 AUSTIN 26 46 41 20
#39 SAN ANTONIO 18 38 84 67
#54 PLANO 54 57 33 56
#60 ARLINGTON 38 61 62 51
#61 IRVING 57 44 56 59
#63 HOUSTON 29 74 93 23
#65 FT WORTH 41 60 51 88
#68 DALLAS 63 57 79 52
#73 GARLAND 60 66 67 69

In addition to the ranking of Texas cities among the 100 most populous cities, we also showed up on some Best of… and Worst of… lists compiled from the study data.

  • Corpus Christi came in third on a list of cities with the Lowest Average Annual Hours of Traffic Delays. No Texas cities were mentioned among the cities with the Highest Averages: those were Washington, DC, and four California cities.
  • Laredo was third on the list of cities with the Lowest Accident Likelihood Compared with Nathional Average. This is especially useful because Laredo ranked #99 out of 100 when it comes having more Auto Repair Shops per Capita. And it ranked #97 among Car Washes per Capita.
  • Plano was fifth among cities with the Lowest Rate of Car Thefts.
  • Lubbock came in fourth among cities with the Lowest Parking Rates.
  • Texas cleaned up among cities with the Lowest Average Gas Prices. Lubbock, Houston, and San Antonio came in second, third, and fourth on that list. The number one spot went ot Tucson. All five of the cities with the Highest Average Gas Prices were in California.

What do you think about the studies results? Whether you agree or disagree with what it says about your city, leave us a comment below and tell us about it. Or if your city didn’t make the list, tell us about driving conditions there.

Whatever Texas city you may be driving in, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving can help you become a safer and — we hope — happier driver. Our course will keep you informed about the latest laws and research, provide you with strategies to make other drivers easier to tolerate, lower your auto insurance costs, and dismiss your speeding tickets. Whether you take our online defensive driving course or one of the many defensive driving classes on our schedule, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving will help you out.

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