An annual report from puts Texas drivers among the worst in the country one more time.

The Report Methodology

Based on data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this report evaluates drivers based on several criteria and ranks them by state.

States are ranked in the following categories, and then the ranks are compiled into one “Total Score.”

  1. Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
  2. Failure to Obey – the percentage of crashes that involved breaking laws, such as ignoring traffic signals, not wearing safety belts, or driving without a valid license
  3. Drunk Driving – what percentage of crashes involved alcohol
  4. Speeding
  5. Careless Driving – fatalities among pedestrians and bicyclists

Though statistics for 2016 aren’t complete yet, some 2015 numbers show an increase in traffic-related fatalities. This runs counter to years of fatality counts declining. Collision deaths in 2015 were up 7.2% over the preceding year.


Where Texas Drivers Ranked

texas drivers ranked worst in annual reportBased on the Total Score of all the above categories, Texas tied with Louisiana for the #1 spot.

In 2015, the Lone Star State came in as number 4. Number 4 is certainly nothing to be proud of in a report like this one, but this year’s numbers paint an even worse picture of Texas drivers.

Texas scored among the top 15 states in every category.

Texas drivers ranked #3 for drunk driving, #9 for speeding, and #9 for fatalities per 100m VMT. Our best ranking — for careless driving — put us at #14.



Comedy Guys Works for Texas Drivers

At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Texas, we take driving safety very seriously and reports like this only reinforce our determination to make Texas drivers into safer drivers.

Our driving safety classes and our online defensive driving course are used primarily for dismissing speeding tickets or qualifying for auto insurance discounts. But beyond that, we want the people who take our course to come away as better informed, more careful drivers.

Our classes cover the topics that good drivers need to understand and bear in mind while driving. Whether it’s informing older drivers about changes to laws or best practices or making younger drivers more attentive and careful behind the wheel, works to make Texas roads safer for all drivers.

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