Film director Werner Herzog has created a documentary on texting and driving, FROM ONE SECOND TO THE NEXT.

Instead of cold statistics and nagging lectures, the 35-minute-long film focuses on the stories of people who’s lives have been tragically changed by drivers who text and drive. From the 8-year-old boy now paralyzed and unable to breathe on his own, to the story of the young man who caused the death of three people while texting with his wife, or the young woman explaining to the driver who killed her father what it was like to marry without her father being there, the film makes the results of this reckless behavior very real and very personal.

CBS News story and interview with Director Werner Herzog

AT&T’s It Can Wait website

Because Texting and Driving Kills

You can see the film on YouTube or on the it can wait website.

If this is something
you do, please
watch this film.

If you have
in your family,
please watch it
with them.

The dangers of texting while driving can’t be re-stated often enough.

Experts have identified three different kinds of distraction that endanger drivers — in short, looking at something else, thinking about something else, and working at something else — and texting involves all three of them.

Little wonder that texting while driving is six times as likely to cause a crash as driving while intoxicated.

In ComedyGuys live driving safety classes or our online defensive driving course, we emphasize the dangers of driving distracted and the need to develop safer, moreĀ attentive habits.

When you’re driving, concentrate on driving.
As for everything else, it can wait.

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