comedy guys defensive driving newsA 67-year-old woman from Belgium put entirely too much faith in her GPS on a recent trip.

She only wanted to go about 90 miles, from her home to a Brussels train station, but the GPS directions took her 900 miles. She slept in the car that night and watched the road signs go from French to German to Croatian before she decided on the second day of her trip that maybe something was wrong.

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Minnesota woman trapped in car for 18 Hours

In surburban Minneapolis, another 67-year-old woman was trapped in her car for 18 hours in freezing conditions after her car slid off of the road and down an embankment. The diabetic Nancy Breberg was eventually rescued when a passing bicyclist spotted her car and send for help.


NHTSA officials suggest that electric hybrid cars should be noiser

Worried about the dangers posed to sight-impaired pedestrians, researches at The National Highway Traffic Administration proposes minimum sound standards for hybrid and electric vehicles that create noise that can be heard above ambient street noise.

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