In our defensive driving classes, our comedian/instructors explain how higher speed means more destructive power in a crash. Scientifically speaking, the formula is force of impact = 1/2 of mass times the speed. In layman’s terms, the heavier the vehicle OR the higher the speed, the more destructive force when the vehicle hits something.

Recently, British telephone program FIFTH GEAR filmed a clear demonstration of this principle.

Most automotive crash tests are conducted at 30mph, but FIFTH GEAR producers decided to conduct a test at 120mph, four time the usual speed but still a speed that many cars on the road can attain. Check out for yourself how much damage this added speed created.

video high speed car crash comedy guys texas defensive driving course

We bring this up in our defensive driving classes to make a very simple point: any reduction in speed can reduce your force of impact in a crash. You may not see much difference between going 40mph and 35mph, but just that 5mph decrease can take thousands of foot-pounds of  force out of a collision and seriously reduce the amount damage you and your car sustain.

So it’s all part of our real mission at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving. You have to drive to live your life. We just want to make you as safe possible when you’re on the road.

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