real stories of real driversWaldo Stakes is a general contractor with an obsession for setting the land speed record. And he’s hoping to use that obsession – as well as two XLR99 rocket engines – to build a vehicle that will reach 2000 mph.

No, that’s not a typo. We said “2000.” A two with three zeroes behind it.

We found this story at this morning at the Car Gurus Blog, but if you want the full story, check out this article from Popular Mechanics.

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  1. Maisa on 05/23/2012 at 7:26 pm

    My test was about 10-15 minutes long.. It goes by fast.. don’t worry! I was tetsed on driving straight, Stopping at stop signs, parking and speeding up to like 25 mph and coming to a safe but quick stop. I was also asked to show what I would do if I were to park on a hill (She had me park the car, pretending I was on a hill) So I parked the car, turned the wheel like you should if you are parking on a hill, put the car in park and set the parking break . PERFECT right? WRONG! She marked me off for not turning the car off! I was so mad, How stupid does she think I am.. Of course I would turn the car off when ACTUALLY parking but I figured sense this was a driving test once I showed her what I would do she was going to tell me to do something else . Oh well! GOOD LUCK! Don’t be nervous! You’ll do fine!

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