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I know what you’re thinking: Another funny cat photo.

Well, this is another cat photo and it is funny, so I suppose you’re right about that. And if you’re disappointed to see us stoop to posting photos of cats being amusing, I should point out that MOST of what’s on the Internet involves funny cat photos.

In fact, 83% of what’s on the Interet is funny cat photos.*

Photos of unsuspecting cats who don’t realize that we use their photos for our own amusement. …if they even understand what a photo is. My cats seem to divide all of creation into two categories, things they can eat and things they can sleep on.

But, still, jokes involving cate photos can be pretty funny. In fact, we collect things we found funny on our Pinterest boards, and many of them (though not quite 83%) involve cats.

At Comedy Guys, collecting what we find funny is second nature to us. As soon as one of us hears a good joke, we have to tell everyone else in the office, whether they want to listen or not. And if the joke is really good, we let everyone think that we just thought of it ourselves, because that’s just something comedians do.

This need to amuse, entertain, and make people laugh is a big part of what makes our driving safety classes so popular. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving School teaches more than a dozen classes every week in various Texas cities.

And it’s one of our main goals to keep those classes from being dull. Texas requires that state-approved driving safety classes be six hours long. But we don’t want our students to come out of our classes feeling six hours older. They are, of course, but we don’t want them to feel it that way. We want them to have had a good enough time that it feels like the class just flew by.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving classes are proof that getting your speeding ticket dismissed doesn’t have to feel like punishment.


*and ten percent of the rest of the Internet involves made-up statistics.

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