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Many of us don’t tie loads to the tops of our cars or SUVs on a regular basis. So it makes sense if we’re not good at it. Certainly we don’t have the experience or skill of those master packers who do this all the time.

If you need some advice about the best and safest way to secure something atop your car. let this excellent article from Gear Patrol help you out. Follow their safety tips and avoid being one of those people who blocks a lane or causes a crash with something that used to be on top of your vehicle.

Securing a load safely atop a car or SUV or in the bed of a truck is an aspect of driving safety that often gets neglected. Yet unsecured items are the cause of multiple crashes, injuries, and even deaths every year.

And YouTube has many clips of people traveling with stupidly overloaded vehicles, but that’s a topic for another day.

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Admittedly, though, we don’t talk much about safely packing the top of the car. That’s why we’re glad to bring you this article from Gear Patrol. Gear Patrol’s site is rich with information and reviews for the latest and best products of all kinds.

And while you’re on their website, check out their many other driving-related posts.

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