Toyota drive with a glass of water program to lower fuel consumptionToyota is trying something either revolutionary or a little crazy.

Possibly both.

Toyota Sweden has announced its new A Glass of Water program, intended to make drivers more fuel conscious by asking them to drive as if they had a glass of water set on their dashboard.  This idea, Toyota hopes, will encourage drivers to slow down a bit and drive more carefully, with gentler curver and smoother starts and stops, all with the goal of saving 10% of your fuel consumption.

They’ve even created an iPhone app that is a virtual glass of water. It uses the iPhone hardware to measure external forces and simulates the effect these have on a glass of water, monitoring how much of the water would have been spilled if it were real water in a real glass.

Please understand that they don’t want anyone to drive with a real glass of water on the dash. That can spill into the electrical system and cause expensive repairs. Or spill into the carpet or upholstery, eventually giving your car that lovely locker room smell. Or just spill into your lap, causing wet stains that are hard to explain.

But the idea behind the glass of water is what matters: making drivers more conscious of their own driving habits and styles with an eye toward increasing fuel efficiency.

And that’s an idea that Comedy Guys Defensive Driving can get behind. Anything that makes a driver think more about the act of driving will make us all safer.

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