valentines day driving tips

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought maybe a nice little love letter about safe driving from me would put you in the mood with that certain special someone in your life.

Hopefully if you’re caught reading this, it’s not considered cheating.

Did you know Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day of the year for restaurants?

That means there will be some busy streets full of people distracted by Cupid’s arrow.  If you are one of these millions going out that night, leaving early so you don’t miss your reservation seems like a pretty simple idea, although I feel like I may be getting the cart ahead of the horse.

Before we start talking about how you should drive on Valentine’s Day, let’s be sure on the who.

Because no matter the who, there are always ways to let them know you care.  Let’s go down the list of who your possible Valentine’s are this year.

    This is the love of your life. Gifts like flowers, candy and the like are always good, but what about car maintenance?

    Silly you say, but growing up, my father every now and then on a Saturday would take off with my mom’s car without saying a word.  Two hours later he would come back and her car would have an oil change and rotated tires, have been cleaned on the inside and out, and have full tank of gas.

    My mother still recalls that memory with fondness.

    Driving safely on a date would be the most obvious way to show you care about this other person of course, but you want to make an impression with how your car looks also.  Whether this relationship you’re in here is for the short or long haul, a clean car can go a long way with another person.

    Ladies, what if a guy showed up for a date and his car had fast food wrappers and soda cans all over the front seat and floorboard?

    I have no room to talk.  My car is a mess, plus my house is a mess, and guess what?  I’m also single.  (Not an offer, just an unfortunate observation)  It’s just me and my cat.

    So you don’t have a spouse, or a bf/gf, or any prospects on the horizon.  Don’t drive yourself off the nearest Lover’s Point just yet.  Your pets can be your Valentine!

    While I wouldn’t suggest you take them out to dinner, you can show your love to your furry friend who gets you better than anyone else does.  Don’t let them run loose in a car: buy a pet carrier that the seat belt can hold snug to protect them on trips to and from the vet, or that six-hour drive to Mom’s.

    If all you have is an imaginary friend, please make them wear an imaginary seat belt.  That and go get help!

    Whether you have any of these things in your life or not, you still have yourself.

    This Valentine’s Day, I give you permission to take a little extra time thinking about yourself, and how important it is for you to get to any of your romantic jettisons safely.  Considering that you the driver are always the most important factor when it comes to safe driving, you shouldn’t feel bad in the slightest for thinking about yourself so much when you’re behind the wheel.


So whether it’s the forever love of your life or just you in that car, remember to stay safe.  Keeping a well maintained, clean car can do many things for your confidence and pride in your car while impressing others.  Keeping safe driving habits can keep you and all those other people around you alive so they may adore you even longer!

May this Valentine’s Day bring you an arrow from Cupid, and not a ticket.


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  1. Gene McGuire on 02/15/2018 at 1:06 pm

    Very clever idea and funny stuff Billy.

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