I knew that the Swiss could fit a corkscrew into a pocket knife, but this contraption has amazed me.

Basically the swissRoomBox is a series of containers which hold a variety of things needed for outdoor camping, but used together they can — as their Website claims — “transform your car into a multi-functional home on board.” It can be restructured into a kitchen island, a table with chairs, and  a platform bed. It contains a functional shower, working gas burner, even a kitchen sink.

Like any outdoor trip, actual use is bound to be less neat and smooth than it’s shown to be here, but if you’re impressed by clever and innovative design, you should check out the demonstration video below.

Try not to let the annoying music get to you.

Found via The Presurfer

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  1. Don DeNatale on 10/28/2010 at 10:33 am

    Wow! A Swiss Army House would be a great companion piece to my Swiss Army Knife. Seriously, it looks like a pretty cool deal for SUV owners.

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