Unusual footage of a Taiwan bus driving out of control and crashing into cars, shot from multiple angles by the bus’s own cameras.

Before you click the play button, you should know that this video is violent enough for YouTube has but an age-restriction on it for violence.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/E4snjprDs2A” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”Taiwan Bus Crash” description=”Violent video of a bus out of control and crashing into traffic, shot by the bus’s own cameras” upload_date=”2010-02-11″ duration=”1M29S” /]

Remember this: the vehicles that are so heavy that they are hard to get moving are also hard to stop quickly. When pulling in front of a city bus or a large semi truck-and-trailer, give them sufficient following distance between them and your rear bumper.

A three-second stopping distance is usually safe between two cars under normal driving conditions, but heavy vehicles take longer to stop and need more stopping distance.

In our Texas driving safety classes and online course, we talk about keeping a safety space around your car. This is a basic defensive driving technique that includes a safe following distance and keeping empty space beside you in adjoining lanes whenever possible. Such a safety space and paying close attention to traffic around them might have saved some of these drivers from so much damage, even from an out-of-control bus.