In this very quick video, Volvo tests their new automatic brakes.

There’s an old saying that sometimes it takes 1000 failures to lead to one success.

Well, guys, only 999 to go.

[arve url=”” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”Volvo Automatic Brake Test” description=”This video show a huge failure as Volvo tests its automatic brake system.” upload_date=”2013-07-16″ duration=”30S” /]

Face it: The people at Failblog LIKE to see people fail. It gives them something to laugh at. To post and talk about. To make money off of.

But at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving school, our business is driving safety. Not failure.

And so, though this video is kinda funny (especially the stunned silence in the audience), it’s not really something we like to see. Every year Volvo and all the other auto manufacturers are working to make vehicles and the passengers inside them safer.

But like the old saying we quoted above says, you have to fail many times before you succeed. So a failure like this test is just one of the bumpier steps toward innovation and development that will ultimately make our roads and the drivers on them safer.

And so we applaud Volvo and all other auto companies for the work they do toward driving safety.

You have to fail before you can succeed.

(Just try not to do it in front of cameras and a live audience, huh?)