Because it’s Black Friday, here’s a bit of black humor.

This time, it’s a bit of animated fun from Cyanide and Happiness, a webcomic hosted on and published daily since January 26th 2005.

Cyanide and Happiness began as a series of comics drawn by a 16-year-old Kris Wilson.  Kris shared his comics with the forum of, and eventually the webmasters of Sticksuicide — Matt Melvin, Rob DenBleyker and Dave McElfatrick — joined forces with Kris to form Since then Cyanide and Happiness has been written by these four, with occasional guest writers.

Enjoy the cartoon, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

[arve url=”” mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”Waiting for the Bus” description=”an animated short film from Cyanide and Happiness” upload_date=”2009-09-03″ duration=”4M35S” /]