comedy guys - online and classroom defensive driving classes for texas driversIf you’ve seen the show Greater Tuna, you’ve heard the line where the DJ is reading the news into his microphone and says, “Nuclear accident threatens lives in seven states.” After perusing the story he adds “Texas not included” and stops there.

We had a little taste of that last month, when announced the results of their survey of statistics, including the ten states that write the most tickets per capita.

Texas not included.

Topping the list was District of Columbia. In 2009, 434,301 tickets were written in the district that has a population of 553,523. To save you the trouble of cross-multiplying and dividing, that’s one ticket each for almost 79 percent of the population. Sure, Washington, D.C., has a lot of commuters from Maryland and Virginia, but this is still the highest ticket-per-citizen ratio in the country.

The rest of the list is below. Notice the huge gap between numbers 1 and 2!

2. Wyoming: 9.2% (46,366 tickets for 506,529 residents)
3. Vermont: 8.4% (52,269 tickets for 631,394 residents)
4. North Dakota: 7.2% (45,510 tickets for 634,366 residents)
5. Mississippi: 6.8% (197,434 tickets for 2,902,966 residents)
6. Maryland: 6.3% (117,303 tickets for 1,903,289 residents)
7. New Mexico: 6.2% (117,303 tickets for 1,903,289 residents)
8. South Carolina: 5.43% (228,363 tickets for 4,198,068 residents)
9. Delaware: 5.36% (44,551 tickets for 830,364 residents)
10. Massachusetts: 5.25% (337,103 tickets for 6,416,505 residents)

Texas may not have made the list, but anyone who drives on Texas roads knows that there are still a lot of tickets written in the Lone Star State. And if you’ve got a ticket and want it dismissed, or if you want to reduce your insurance costs, or if you just want a refresher course that covers the latest rules of the road, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving can help you.

With our thorough and entertaining online course or live classes in 30+ locations, Comedy Guys has a driving safety class that will give you what you need.

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