What do celebrities say about Comedy Guys?

Comedy Guys even keeps top celebrities laughing when they say our name. 🙂

We’d like to think that the celebrities in this first video all had Texas speeding tickets they needed to get dismissed and are lined up waiting to attend on of our comedian taught live Texas Defensive Driving Classes in more locations than any other, but alas somebody paid them to be acting in this TV show instead. Bummer.

At least they mentioned us! 🙂

[arve url=”https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/embed/0423b057-5a03-41e8-984b-94142a39a865?autoplay=false” align=”center” thumbnail=”66999″ title=”Comedy Guys Dream Team” description=”Celebrities in scene from Dream Team” loop=”yes” play_icon_style=”circle” /]

What do celebrities say about Comedy Guys?

We were glad to hear this next celebrity mention us by name in his show.  Comedy Guys Defensive Driving hires professional late-night comedians to teach our live traffic safety classes and to star in our online course videos and we really appreciated the shout out.

[arve url=”https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/embed/6decde33-3786-483e-ad8f-ff896967986b?autoplay=false” align=”center” thumbnail=”67003″ title=”Comedy Guys in The Office” description=”Celebrity form The Office TV Show” /]

Unfortunately, some kill joy in our office stepped on our moment when they pointed out he was not actually referring to us.

Some people ruin everything.

So, what do celebrities say about Comedy Guys?

Nevermind those guys, our celebrity comedian instructors have good things to say.

Right guys?


[arve url=”https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/embed/22a04930-ba02-42cb-9e22-9a0530466d8b?autoplay=false” align=”center” title=”Peter Asks Guys” description=”Peter Asks Guys” /]

No matter what any of them say, if your day got ruined by getting a speeding ticket in Texas, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Online can help you get it dismissed when you complete our state approved online course at your convenience 365/24/7.

So you can be a Texas Speeding Ticket Criminal or you can take our course and get that ticket dismissed. Guaranteed, or we pay it.

So go ahead, signup now and have a field day with it!