Comedy Guys Defensive Driving blog, texas defensive driving classes, texas defensive driving onlineGet a speeding ticket in Texas, and a few days later you’ll find your mailbox full of postcards from various defensive driving schools. Texas has no shortage of driving safety schools that can get your ticket dismissed, clean up your driving record, and earn you a discount on your auto insurance. Some of these have only live classes; some are only online. Some will offer both.

But how do you know which one to choose?

Well, choose, of course.

I’m not just saying that because those are the folks who pay me. In this line of work, we have to know more about the various defensive driving courses available than most people.

And researching our competitors has shown us that we have a quality that most of the competition lacks: we take both safe driving AND entertainment very seriously.


Nap Factories

Some of our competitors are very serious about the rules of the road, and taking their classes will teach you a lot. But a totally serious six-hour seminar on safe driving is about as much fun as it sounds. If you want a sample of what it’s like, stare at some drying paint or switch over to C-Span for a few hours.

Schools like these are the reason that comedy and defensive driving were combined in the first place.


When Class Clowns Run the Schools

There are other defensive driving schools that do just enough teaching to keep their licenses and spend the rest of the time making jokes. To schools like this, the course content and legal regulations are just legal hoops required to keep them in business.

Their instructors are trained to be funny, even if that means being tasteless and a bit off-color, caring more about getting laughs than helping anyone to be safer on the road. Their videos and online courses move fast, with lots of flashy animation, loud noises, and cheap jokes.

You won’t fall asleep in their classes, but you won’t learn much either. In fact, after six hours of such enthusiastic entertainment, you’ll be lucky if you don’t leave feeling like someone’s been working on your nervous system with a cheese grater.


The Right Mix

funny defensive driving for Texas driversAt ComedyGuys, we know we have two jobs – making people safer drivers AND entertaining them in the process – and we take them both seriously.

We teach you how to keep yourself, your passengers, and everybody around you safer when you’re on the road. But we do it with enough humor to keep everything light and interesting and definitely not dull.

And our instructors never get so caught up in being comedians that they neglect their responsibilities to driving safety. Our curriculum covers all the required subjects, from distracted driving to safe following distance to driving strategies to avoid a collision. And, like the best teachers you had in school, we’re not satisfied if you just like us: we want you to learn what’s important in our class, too.


When it comes time to choose the defensive driving school, whether in a class or online, that you want to use to get your ticket dismissed, knows you have a choice.

And we try to get you to choose us in the most old-fashioned way there is: by doing our job better than our competitors do theirs.

Which is why we’ve been in business for eighteen years.

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  1. Gene McGuire on 09/24/2012 at 12:40 pm

    What makes us the best? Happy, returning students that remember the fun and how informative the classes are. I have been teaching with ComedyGuys for over 6 years and have had many return students. After 20 years of standup experience, I offer laughs and lots of fun ad-libbing with students. Not only do they come back, they tell their friends about my class. I try and ad new jokes if I have return students. I also have older drivers tell me that I refreshed their memory on driving habits and gave them insight into new laws. I enjoy my job very much. It feels like am helping people and getting them to relax with laughter. See you in my classes. Check me out on YouTube.

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