On Twitter today, @thejustinbenson introduced us to this photo which he called “worst driver award.”

Yeah, that seems like a good name for it.

Incidentally, this guy is one of the way-too-many reasons we have a blog category called “Uh, don’t do this.

bad driver, image of Truck running over light pole

Discussing this in the Comedy Guys office, we’ve decided that this guy
hit the concrete block holding the light pole because there was
literally nothing else to hit
in the parking lot. If only there’d
been a Scion or two, that light pole would still be standing.

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  1. I Took the Picture on 03/16/2012 at 3:18 pm

    I decided that the light pole was talking mad $@#% on the truck. However, The truck forgot about the light poles best friend, Mr. Cement Block!!

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