Garrett Morgan was an Africian-American inventor who is known for making a gas mask, a traffic signal and a hair straightening product.  He has also been the subject of kids research papers on Black History Month for decades.

This self-educated man started his own sewing machine and shoe repair shop in 1907, which expanded into a tailor shop in 1909.  Eventually, Morgan discovered a liquid that prevented the needle from scorching the fabric as it sewed.

Garrett Morgan birthday comedy guys defensive driving classesThen he found that the liquid not only straighten fabric but hair.  We would love to have heard that conversation:  “Yeah, you know the gunk we smear all over the industrial sewing needles? We want to smear it all over your hair…”

Morgan also patented a safety hood and smoke protector.  The device used a wet sponge to filter out smoke and cool the air.  And we thought a wet sponge was just used to play SpongeBob SquarePants.

There is much argument that his traffic signal was not used very much.  This hand-cranked model was patented, but there are few photographs that prove the device was adopted by much of America.

We here at ComedyGuys want to know if he came up with the rules the way most people seem to understand them:

  • Green means Go
  • Red means Stop
  • Yellow means Go really, really fast

Everybody at ComedyGuys loves the traffic light.  Because you running it keeps us in business, with peanut butter on the table and canned tuna in the pantry.

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