Online defensive driving courses are more common these days than ever before, and they’ve improved much since the early days.

Yet there are still people who prefer to get their tickets dismissed in one of our live defensive driving classes and who say they’ll never take an online course. Of course, we respect that, and we’re very glad to have them in our classes. That why we keep our class schedule so busy.

But we also want to take some time to address the concerns some people have about taking an online driving safety course.

(And don’t let that term bother you: The courts call them “driving safety courses,” but everyone else calls them “defensive driving classes.” Don’t worry: they are the same thing.)


Online Defensive Driving Saves Time

Anytime. Anywhere. At your own pace. The online defensive driving course fits into your schedule and is doesn’t matter where you are. It’ll work anywhere you can find an Internet connection. This saves you commuting time and prep time, and allows you to reschedule your lesson at the very last second should any sort of emergency (or sudden desire to get far, far away) arrive.

Texas law requires that a driving safety class last six hours: five hours of content with various breaks to bring the total time to six hours. Our live classes do those six hours on one day, including a meal that’s covered in the cost of the class. We hire comedians and entertainers to teach our classes to make the six hours as much fun as possible, but that’s still a healthy block of time cut out of your day.

The real advantage to our online defensive driving course is that the six hours can be broken up and made to fit your schedule.

Log in and out whenever you want, as many times as you want. When you log in next, you’ll be right back on the last page you were looking at.

And you can log in from any device that can get on the Internet. Use your computer at home, at work, at school, at your mother-in-law’s place when your spouse drags you over there. Even log in from your smart phone or tablet while you’re waiting in line at the bank.

If you can get online, you can work on the course.


Online Defensive Driving Saves Money

Taking defensive driving online gives you all the same money-saving benefits of our live classroom course. You’ll save on your vehicle insurance and be able to dismiss that ticket without having to pay the full amount.

Ask your auto insurance company for details, but the standard discount is 10% off for three years. Even if you have to pay the court costs on a speeding ticket, you could make all your money back by getting a discount on your auto insurance.


Online Defensive Driving Saves Anxiety

Let’s say you just got a traffic ticket or were involved in an accident, and you’re a little bit nervous about getting back out onto the road before brushing up on your skills. We’re here for you and will have you driving confidently again in no time — without ever having to leave home until you’re ready.

Studies have shown that 95% of all auto collisions are caused by a driver doing something they shouldn’t do. But we take very seriously our job to make people into safer drivers, better able to make the right decisions AND to be prepared to deal with the drivers who make the wrong ones.


Online Defensive Driving Saves Comfort

You can complete the online course in your pajamas, a burqa, bikini, birthday suit or suit of shining armor. You can become a better driver while in bed, standing up, dancing, riding a horse, or floating in a pool of jello (It’s amazing where you can find an Internet connection these days!) — whatever is most comfortable and whatever you need to better focus, learn and improve your defensive driving skills.


Online Defensive Driving Saves Face

At Comedy Guys, all of our defensive driving instructors and writers are professional comedians, including those in the online course. At home, you can feel free to laugh, snort, crack up, guffaw and fall off your couch as loud as you want without distracting other students. You also have the freedom to boo, hiss, yawn, heckle and roll your eyes without offending our hardworking teachers. Our online defensive driving course guarantees a giggle-(or jeer)-safe environment.

When it comes to teaching with comedy, defensive driving has never been done better than when Comedy Guys does it. Learn more about our classes here, or contact us for more information.