As usual, don’t try this at home.

(And if you are trying this at home, invite me over.)

[arve url=”″ mode=”lazyload-lightbox” align=”center” title=”world’s fastest lawnmower” description=”Bobby Cleveland sets a new world record when he gets his lawnmower up to 96 mph.” upload_date=”2010-09-28″ duration=”1M49S” /]

The sad thing is that this guy spends so much time
racing that his lawn looks like crap.

Bobby Cleveland had previously set a world record in 2006, with a speed of almost 81 mph. His record was then beat by Don Wales at 87.833. But with this record Cleveland again has the fastest speed on a lawn mower.

Of course, it slows him down if he has to stop and empty the bag attachment.

Bobby Cleveland is part of The United States Lawn Mower Racing Association.