Penn Jillette is half of the magic team of Penn & Teller.  They are the comedy, magic and juggling duo that have entertained audiences around the world and are currently stationed in Las Vegas.  Penn is a well-known Libertarian and  Atheist.  So he believes in the total freedom not to worship God.

Besides being a magician, Penn has done some television work.  He was part of Sabrina the Teenaged Witch and Celebrity Apprentice.  That means he had to put up with scary ghoul and freaks.   He also had to put up the the cast of Sabrina.

He showed his lack of dancing shoes by being eliminated on Dancing With the Stars.  He attributed his loss to his big feet and other big parts.  That comment was deleted on the re-broadcast for the West Coast.

He produced one of the single funniest movies that has ever been presented to an audience–The Aristocrats.  No, this is not the Disney flick about those jazz singing cats.  The film was about telling the very old joke the Aristocrats by some of the world’s funniest comedians.  It is brash, bawdy and one of the most brilliant flicks to screen.

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment to society was the invention and patent of the Jill-Jet.  It is a hot tub jet specifically designed for a woman’s pleasure.  This could go down in the annuals of history as the greatest single device in history.

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