As everyone’s favorite Rastafari, Bob Marley bought Jamaican music to the masses.  He took the ska beat, cut it in half and crafted reggae.  The music was full of social issues and themes.  Most people just listen to the beat and don’t catch the geo-polticial messages.   They just want to dance.

Bob Marley birthday comedy guys defensive driving classesSome of his greatest hits were “No Woman, No Cry”, “Buffalo Soldiers” and “Get Up Stand Up.”

Eric Clapton payed homage (aka “ripped off”) Bob when EC recorded “I Shot the Sheriff.”  Another example of the white man taking the black man’s music.

Time Magazine called Marley’s Exodus the Album of the Century.  Didn’t Time hear Rick Dee’s “Disco Duck” recording?

Bob once said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”  Let’s be honest, Bob was so high he ever felt pain.  A Caribbean parasite gnathia marly was named after the singer, an “honor” never given to the Beatles or The Crickets.

Bob left this mortal coil in May 1981 after a bout with cancer.  Like his music, the disease started in his toe and spread throughout the body.  He will be cherished as long as their are weed-smoking frat boys on college campuses.

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