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Admit it: your car is your baby. And just the right car nickname is one thing that every loving car-parent does.

Whether it's based on the car's looks or performance, your history together, or just some awful pun, a nickname is one more accessory that can make driving around in your vehicle more fun.

Driving the Prius to the grocery store is less fun than driving Inchworm to the grocery store.

Running errands on a Saturday in a Dodge Dart is more fun if the Dart in question is called Scooter. In fact, “Scooter” just sounds like it ought to be running errands all the time.

Back in the 1990s, when I was teaching 8th grade English, I let a pack of 14-year-olds pick a nickname for the car I had just purchased, a very small and practical Toyata Tercel. After a few days of suggestions and discussions (all a very effective use of class time, of course), one 8th grader suggested naming it after a very obscure character from Ren & Stimpy.

And that's how my car became Elkhorn the Downtrodden.

Just like with friends, car nicknames show love and affection. We spend time with our cars. We share experiences with them, bond with them, and sacrifice for them sometimes.

It's only right that a car should have a nickname.


Car Nickname Inspirations

If your car doesn't have just the right nickname yet, here are some links to give you inspiration.

Auto Accessories even offers up a Car Name Generator. Answer questions about your car's make or personality, and it serves up suggested nicknames. has a car nickname generator, too, but it seems based on both you and your car. After a couple of questions about the car, it asked me to choose one from a list of movies, then choose one from a list of famous road trips around the world (I picked the Icefields Parkway in Canada).

Based on that, it named the Acura I'm driving now “Sheldon.”

I've heard it called worse.


What's your car's nickname?

And why? “Why” is usually the best part.

What's the best nickname for a car you've ever heard?



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