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Can my Defensive Driving Receipt Replace My Certificate?

will texas accept defensive driving receipt if i have not received my certificate

This is another of the common questions  that we get. If I don’t have my certificate, will the court accept my defensive driving receipt instead as proof that I’ve taken your class? And it’s related to some other similar questions. Can you fax my defensive driving certificate to me? Can my  driving safety certificate be emailed?…

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Top 5 Reasons to Do Defensive Driving Online

Online defensive driving courses are more common these days than ever before, and they’ve improved much since the early days. Yet there are still people who prefer to get their tickets dismissed in one of our live defensive driving classes and who say they’ll never take an online course. Of course, we respect that, and we’re…

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Ask Comedy Guys About Defensive Driving

ask comedy guys driving questions

Ask Comedy Guys. Post any questions you have about defensive driving, and we’ll give you a clear answer, based on our years of experience teaching driving safety classes.  (We tried to add up all those “years of experience” once, but the answer just made us feel really old, so we don’t talk about that anymore.)…

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A Tale of Two Defensive Driving Certificates

In times when every dollar is spent more reluctantly, more people seem to be learning that a defensive driving class is an excellent way to get a discount on their auto insurance. But this makes more people ask how to get a second copy of their defensive driving certificate for their insurance company.

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Online Defensive Driving Test Questions

Often people call us who’ve never taken a driving safety course online before, and many of those people ask something like this: If I take your defensive driving class online, what’s the test like? Well, this is exactly what we tell everyone who takes our online class, right before the test begins… First, don’t be…

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No Offensive Comedy in Our Defensive Driving Classes

This  question pops up from time, most recently from a parent concerned about sending his daughter to our defensive driving course: “Is the comedy in your defensive driving class suitable for everybody?” The short answer is “yes.” Comedy Guys Defensive Driving does take the boredom out defensive driving classes by having it written and taught…

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How does Defensive Driving Work?

This may be the single most-asked question: “How does defensive driving work?” Meaning, of course, how do I use a defensive driving class to get my ticket dismissed? Well, we can answer that, but bear in mind that what we’re going to tell you applies to defensive driving and ticket dismissal in Texas. Things may…

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Finding the Texas DUI Class

This question came up three times last Friday: “How do I find somebody who teaches the DUI class I need?” This is an easy one. Put your cursor over FAQ at the top of our Website, and list of options will appear. Click where it says: Helpful links and Resources. That will take you to…

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