Auto Insurance

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Page 3 of 7 This is one of the most important questions to answer correctly when getting auto insurance. Planning for everything and getting all the coverage you can will definitely cost you money because increased coverage will increase the cost of your insurance. On the other hand, not having enough coverage could potentially cost…

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Auto Insurance Discounts

Page 5 of 7 There are many kinds of discounts on auto insurance. You can qualify for discounted prices based on what you drive, how you drive, even what organizations you join. But don’t expect your insurance company to volunteer information about all of the discounts they offer. Do your homework and ask what’s available.…

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Finding the Best Price

Page 4 of 7 Comparison Shopping Most people stick with their insurance company for long periods of time without checking to see if they can get the same (or even better) coverage from another company for a low cost. Don’t be one of these people. At least once a year, get auto insurance quotes from…

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Types of Insurance Coverage

Page 2 of 7 Before you can make a decision about what kind of coverage you need to pay for, you need to know what the options are. Read over the following descriptions. Some types of coverage are required by state laws, but many of these are optional. More coverage means more protection, but it…

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Understanding Insurance Terms

Page 1 of 7 The Basic Terms Insurance policies are legal contracts, and insurance companies employ thousands of attorneys and accountants. Which means that insurance documents are written in that annoying “legalese” that is necessary to satisfy court requirements but rather difficult for ordinary people to understand. First, let’s cover the basics. An insurance policy…

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Auto Insurance Buying Guide

Have you ever brought home a new board game and wanted to sit down and start playing, only to discover that you have to read a long and very confusing rule book before you can get started? The rules seem convoluted and involve learning a lot of new terms and complicated exceptions, and most people…

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