Driving Tips

Driving on Icy Roads and Snow

For most of us, driving is the most high risk activity we engage in. Bad weather conditions, such as ice or snow, make the driving environment even more dangerous. We need to raise our level of caution as well as our level of concentration when we are faced with increased risk. Not only do we…

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10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Worldwide

We’ve all seen bad drivers on the road. Of course we have. After all there are so many of them. And yet no driver ever sets out to be a bad driver. No one gets behind the wheel and makes a conscious decision to be wreckless. To endanger their own life and those of many…

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Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

Hey there, Parents. Life is great, isn’t it? You have your bills under control, you just came back from a family vacation where the whole family didn’t fight with each other. Yeah, life is great. One simple phrase though pushes all that happiness, all that relaxation back into oblivion. Those 5 words many parents dread…

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Littering in the Lone Star State

Littering is tossing down, on purpose or accidentally, any trash that does not end up in a proper container like a trashcan. Anything lying by the side of any road that shouldn’t be there is roadside litter, and it’s a big problem in Texas. There’s an old adage among gardeners that any plant that’s growing where…

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8 Right of Way Principles

  “Right of way” is the name that we give to the rules governing which car gets to go first when two cars find themselves in each other’s way. And to many drivers, few things are more confusing or more dangerous than right of way. In Texas alone, it is a factor in 15% of all…

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Tire Maintenance

  (Our guy Tom Lenaghen as a very unique sense of humor, and it’s obvious all through this article about tire maintenance. Please let us know what you think of this.)   COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches…

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Preparing Your Car for Summer

Preparing your car for summer is important because summertime driving can be so hard on a vehicle. Especially in Texas. Your air conditioner works harder. The air in your tires expand in the heat. Any breakdown becomes more miserable if you have to deal with it on a sunny day with triple-digit temperatures. And longer trips…

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Minimize Collision Damage: Take the Path of Least Resistance

(Updated Feb 14, 2017 Originally published 12/28.2015) Of course, you should always avoid a collision if you can. At Comedy Guys Defensive Driving, we’re in the business of teaching drivers to be safer. And we’d prefer it if no one ever had a crash while driving. But that’s just not realistic. In Texas alone, drivers…

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