The Coolest Cars of the 70s

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Just yesterday I was telling my niece (currently at Kennesaw State UniversityGo, Owls!) that there was nothing worth remembering about 1970s style.

Not the fashion.

Not the interior design.

And especially not the hair styles.

But then this morning I found this video clip on Car Throttle's YouTube channel that reminded me of something I'd forgotten: The 70s did have some cool cars.

Here's their video tribute to the ones they like best.


Obviously, they were interested in faster cars than the iconic AMC Pacer in our picture, but still a good showing.

What do you think of their choices?

What cars would you have added? is a Dallas -based defensive driving school. We use comedy to make our classes fun and entertaining. Our state-approved online course and live classes will get your ticket dismissed, lower your auto insurance premiums, and give you some laughs.

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