printable defensive driving certificates

printable defensive driving certificates emailed to you

Finally! Printable Defensive Driving Certificates!

Dismissing your ticket is about to get faster and easier. Soon you’ll be able to print your own defensive driving certificate.

Comedy Guys
Defensive Driving
will email electronic
certificates to you
from our office
Monday through Friday.

Beginning December 6th, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving will email printable defensive driving certificates.

You'll get your certificate the same day it's processed and can print it for yourself. And this works for anyone who completes either our online course or our live defensive driving classes.

Having printable certificates will make ticket dismissal quicker and easier. There’ll be no more waiting for the certificate to come by mail, no more added expense for overnight delivery.

For years, people have been asking about printable “electronic certificates” or “digital certificates” themselves.  Recent changes in Texas state policies regarding driving safety courses will finally make this possible.


How E-certificates Work 


We'll process the certificates in our office Monday through Friday. Then we'll email them to your address that same day.

For people who take the driving safety class or complete the online course over the weekend, we'll process your certificates on Monday and should be in your email by Monday evening.

For those who don’t have an email address or don’t want email delivery for whatever reason, we can still send certificates by regular mail or overnight delivery service.


A Real Game-changer!

Our new capability to email certificates directly to students is a huge change to Texas driving safety classes. Without the need to mail certificates, dismissing a ticket should be much faster and easier.

Especially for the many of you who wait until the last minute. (You know who you are.)

And now if you lose your certificate, you can just go to your email and print another copy. Without paying us a fee for another printing. Of course, though, if we have to create a corrected certificate with a different court name, for example, we'll have to charge for that.

Still, though, this is nothing but good news for everyone who takes a defensive driving course.


Laugh Off That Ticket In The Best Defensive Driving Course Online and In Classrooms

Best Online Defensive Driving Course 

Comedy Guys Online Defensive Driving Course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to provide the shortest online defensive driving course  and it works on iPhones,  iPads, Android and other mobile devices plus, we can deliver your certificate to you overnight.

Best Classrooom Defensive Driving Course 

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving classroom instruction provides more scheduled defensive driving classes taught by professional entertainers than any other safety school in Texas. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and back your experience with our iron-clad money-back guarantee.

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