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In Russia, Bus Catches You

I have a new hero. Alexei “The Punisher” Volkov. Not to be confused the Russian arms dealer who plagued Chuck, Alexei Volkov is a Russian bus driver in Zelenograd who flat refuses to yield whenever anyone tries to cut him off. Whenever a car abruptly pulls in front of his following distance so that he’s forced…

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Marijuana and Driving

A recent driving test in Seattle gave volunteers marijuana to smoke and had them drive a practice course, to measure the affect of marijuana on their driving. You can see the results in this video. Please don’t contact us, volunteering to be part of the test.

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Danny Keaton Hates SOME People

Not content with teaching defensive driving classes for Comedy Guys in Dallas and Carrollton AND appearing at comedy clubs around the Metroplex AND touring nationally whenever a gig takes him back on the road AND making clips for his YouTube channel, standup comic Danny Keaton has started his own blog, Distorted Stand Up. And I…

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Ride with this Guy

I was recently riding with a friend of mine. We were coming to a red light, and he shot right through it. I asked him, “Why’d you do that?” He told me this is how his brother drives. We came to another red light, and again, he shot right through it. Again I asked, “Why…

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