Your Defensive Driving Certificate

defensive driving certificate printed scheduleSure, we at Comedy Guys Defensive Driving work hard to make the classes as fun as we can. But most people are really just interested in getting their defensive driving certificate. It’s the written proof that they took defensive driving to show to the court and dismiss their ticket.

Once you complete a Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course — whether it’s our online defensive driving course or one of our many live defensive driving classes — we’ll print your certificate in our office in Dallas and mail it to the address that you give us.

Normally, we print and mail defensive driving certificates within two business days of your completing the class.


The Important Details
about your Defensive Driving Certificate

Now, you can get more information about all of this on our Frequently Asked Questions page. But here’s the important part, just to make it easier to find:

  • If you’re taking defensive driving to dismiss a ticket, you don’t get your certificate the day of the class. And state regulations do not allow us to hand your certificate directly to you. You have to wait at least one day to receive it, and it has to pass through  some third-party company between us and you. Most of the time, that’s the US Postal Service, but if you’re in a hurry you can get your defensive driving certificate more quickly with overnight mail or even courier service.
  • When the envelope arrives, it will contain  two copies of your certificate, the “Court Copy” and the “Insurance Copy” which may get you a discount on your auto insurance. Ask your insurance company about any possible discounts.
  • We cannot send your defensive driving certificate directly to the court. You must sign the document before the court gets it.
  • If your certificate does not arrive within 10 days of your class, contact our office. We can print a second copy for you for no charge and mail it that day if all the information on it was correct. If the address was incorrect, we must charge a $10 fee for making changes and printing a new certificate.
  • There’s no way you can print your own certificate. Texas requires that course providers (in this case, us) must print out official certificates and send them through some third-party carrier, such as the US Postal Service or an overnight mail service.

texas driving records online defensive driving certificate


Texas Driving Records

For speeding ticket dismissals, many Texas courts now require that people also provide the court with official copies of a Texas Driver’s Record. Comedy Guys and other defensive driving schools are no longer able to get these driving records for you, but you can now request your driving record online and print it out immediately.


How Defensive Driving Works

Getting a ticket dismissed by taking a defensive driving course is pretty simple.

  1. First, contact the court and get their approval to have the ticket dismissed.
  2. Then contact Comedy Guys Defensive Driving and schedule a live class or register for our online class.
  3. After your class is done – and this applies to both live and online classes – we will print your certificate of completion and mail it
    to you.
  4. Once you receive it, sign and deliver the defensive driving certificate to the court before their deadline.


Entering Your Own Certificate Information

Like most things nowadays, it’s the human element that slows things down. Having a human enter the certificate information for the hundreds of certificates that Comedy Guys Defensive Driving prints every week is often the slowest part of the process. We’re as efficient as we can be, of course, and all defensive driving certificates are usually in the mail within two business days.

Online customers give us their certificate information when they register, so their defensive driving certificates are processed largely automatically.

But now there’s a way that student in our live classes can streamline that process and save themselves one full dayJust open this easy form and input your own certificate information. Hundreds of people putting in one certificate each is much faster than one person entering hundreds of certificates.

ONE CAUTION: enter the information exactly from the form you filled out during the Comedy Guys class. If we ever have to print a replacement certificate because of incorrect or incomplete information, the state requires we charge a $10 replacement fee.


Defensive Driving Certificate Delivery Options

Delivery Method



Regular Mail None. It’s covered
in the cost of the class.
Delivered by USPS in 7 to 10 days.
Overnight Mail
(within Texas,
where available)
$25 The next weekday after it’s printed, which usually means two business days after finishing the class.
Overnight AM Delivery
AM Delivery
(within Texas,
where available)
$35 The next weekday after it’s printed before 11am
Overnight Early AM Delivery 
(where available)
$45 The next weekday after it’s printed before 9am
Saturday Delivery 
(where available)
Starts at $50.
Rates vary based on distance and mileage.
With this option, certificates printed on Fridays are delivered on Saturday morning. Otherwise, all certificates printed on Friday will be delivered on the following Monday.
(where available)
Starts at $60.
Rates vary based on distance and mileage.
The same day it’s printed, which is usually the next business day after finishing the class.

  • Regardless of the delivery method you choose, you cannot receive your certificate on the same day you finish the course. Texas state laws require that there always be at least one day’s delay.
  • We print and mail certificates on week days (Monday through Friday) only. If your certificate is printed and sent out by overnight delivery on Friday, you’ll receive it on Monday. Deliveries are not made on weekends, unless you pay for Saturday Delivery.
  • Texas is very large, and overnight delivery is not possible to all ZIP codes or all parts of the state. For deliveries from our office in DFW to parts of the Panhandle, far South Texas, and far South West, add one day to the delivery time. If you live in El Paso, for example, and finish our online course on a Tuesday night, your certificate will be printed and mailed on Wednesday and be delivered on Friday.


If you’re taking a live class, you can arrange for overnight mail or courier service by letting the instructor know what you need. All instructors should discuss this your delivery options during the course of the class.

If you’re taking our online defensive driving class, you’ll be able to opt for any of these deliver choices both when you first register and at the completion of the course.

If you need to change your delivery method after completing the class, please contact our office to see what options are still available to you.

Laugh Off That Ticket In The Best Defensive Driving Course Online and In Classrooms

Best Online Defensive Driving Course 

Comedy Guys Online Defensive Driving Course is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide the shortest online defensive driving course at the lowest price allowed by law and it works on iPhones,  iPads, Android and other mobile devices plus, we can deliver your certificate to you overnight.

Best Classrooom Defensive Driving Course 

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving classroom instruction provides more scheduled defensive driving classes taught by professional entertainers than any other safety school in Texas. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and back your experience with our iron clad money back guarantee.

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