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(Originally published 4/22/2013. Update 6/20/2017)

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Fill out one online form at Texas.gov, pay them $12 via your credit card, and you can print official Texas driving records out there and then.

No extra fees or hidden charges, and no getting advantage of by untrustworthy businesses and Websites that offer to get your driving record for you and charge you hefty fees for doing so.

Since 2009, all Texas drivers have been able to print out their own driving records, so there’s no reason to pay anyone else to get it for you.

And there’s certainly no reason to pay a defensive driving school 15, 20, or 25 dollars for a service that you can take care yourself.


Driving Records from Texas DPS Online

With more and more courts around the state of Texas requiring an official copy of a driving record in order to get a speeding ticket dismissed, it’s important that drivers be able to get this paperwork easily and quickly.

And the “quickly” part of that is sometimes very important: the old method of sending for the form by mail often took weeks, and drivers who had to meet a court’s deadline would have to worry about running out of time.


But for more than three years, the Texas.gov Website has made it possible for drivers to print these forms immediately. If you have Internet access, a working printer, and a credit card number, you can put your hands on your official Texas driving record today, without having to pay some extra handling fee to anyone.

And the Website makes it simple. The link to driving records is right on the homepage. Clicking on it will bring up a list of the six simple steps to print out the form. You’ll be taken through these steps one by one, from checking your printer to actually printing your record.

The only even slightly confusing part is deciding what kind driving record to print, and we’re going to solve that one for you right now: if you need your driving record so the court will dismiss your ticket, then you need Type 3A.


The Way Things Used to Be

saving money comedy guys defensive driving blogYears ago, driving records were only available from several of the larger DPS offices around the states. Few courts required them then, but if a driver needed one, they could write or drive to one of these offices and get their official driving record printed out.

But the process was slow, and — let’s be honest — the DPS doesn’t have a reputation for speed even without the extra work this created. Over the years, more and more of these DPS offices stopped providing this service.

By 2008, the only places in Texas to get an official driving record was from the main office in Austin or the regional center on Interstate 30 in Garland, very close to the Comedy Guys Defensive Driving office in Richardson, Texas.

That was when the service of getting driving records for a fee was really useful: most Texas drivers were no where near either location, so they had to wait for their driving record to come by mail. Or they paid one of the defensive driving schools to get the form for them, which was much faster and more efficient.

But that all changed in October 2009: the Texas DPS made it possible for anyone with a Texas drivers license to go online at Texas.gov and print their personal driving record immediately.

This fact is not very well known, however. And many defensive driving companies are taking advantage of that to continue to charge these fees for driving records.

Texas driving records have been available online since 2009,
but not all drivers know about that and some companies are
taking advantage of that to charge them big fees for a form
they can print for themselves.


Why Are We Telling You About This?

To be honest, there was a time — before the rules changed in 2009 — when Comedy Guys also sold this same service. For a fee, we’d send a guy over to the DPS office to get official copies of Texas driving records that we’d mail to our defensive driving customers, usually in the same envelope as their driving safety certificates.

But now that Texas driving records are easily available online for the same twelve dollar fee, we think it’s taking unfair advantage to charge people as much as twice that much to get for them something they can get for themselves.

Not everyone knows they can get their driving record online for $12, but taking advantage of that fact to make money is not the way Comedy Guys Defensive Driving does business.

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