Top 5 Reasons to Do Defensive Driving Online

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Online defensive driving courses are more common these days than ever before, and they’ve improved much since the early days. Yet there are still people who prefer to get their tickets dismissed in one of our live defensive driving classes and who say they’ll never take an online course. Of course, we respect that, and we’re […]

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Driving Safety In High Speed Chases

driving safety with the grappler bumper

Driving Safety for high speed chases? Really? is always looking for new technology that increases driving safety.  We tip our hat to Leonard Stock of Phoenix for doing his part and inventing the Grappler Bumper.   Increasing Driving Safety for Law Enforcement, Suspects, AND Bystanders Drivers fleeing law enforcement throw all caution to the […]

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Speeding Ticket Dismissal

Speeding Ticket Dismissal Defensive Driving Certificate

Speeding tickets are not fun. A speeding ticket is not supposed to be. They cause you hassle and embarrassment, cost you money, interfere with your already too-busy schedule, and make your auto insurance rates go up. If getting a speeding ticket feels like a punishment, that’s because that’s exactly what it is. But Texas provides a way for […]

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Not Everyone Gets Every Joke


Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Sometimes we get comments like this one about our online defensive driving course: I learned a lot, but it wasn’t funny. The jokes were boring. I didn’t laugh once.   Here’s our standard response:   We’re glad you learned a lot from our online defensive driving course, but we’re […]

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Halloween Driving Tips

halloween driving tips

Halloween poses some interesting conditions for drivers. For a few hours, residential streets become the territory of shortish superheroes and micro monsters, running from house to house to get “the good stuff.” It’s like the streets belong to them and cars become the intruders. Just be patient, accept the situation, and adjust your driving to […]

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Defensive Driving Tip 2

speed limits comedy guys defensive driving

The speed limit is the speed limit when conditions allow.

If the metal sign by the side of the road says Speed Limit 45 MPH, that means that 45 is the safest maximum speed when the driving conditions are perfect: during daylight hours, when the traffic is light, and when the weather is good.

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