Action City Bathroom

One tough cop. One ruthless killer. One crappy bathroom.

Action City Bathroom is a comedy short by Joe Avella, who describes himself as “comedian, filmmaker, writer, actor and sometimes hot jam creator.”

Seven Sousaphone Pile-up

One small trip during halftime causes multiple problems for this unnamed marching band. I sympathize, but this is funny.

DMV Workers Caught Selling Driving Test Results

Harlem DMV selling driving testsNew York City police investigated a DMV office in Harlem after receiving a tip back in April that DMV workers were running a cheating scam.

Their investigation showed that  several security guards and associates have been charging applicants anywhere from $1500-2500 for passing grades on Commercial Drivers License exams. The scam used surrogate test-takers and even pencils that had been specially marked with test answers.

It’s easy to see how corruption of this time puts people at risk. Pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers are put in enough danger by the legally licensed drivers on the roads. We don’t need illegally licensed drivers out there too.

If convicted, the workers face the maximum of 25 years in prison.

Here’s the coverage of the story from New York City’s PIX 11 News.

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