Proposed Cougar Overpass in LA
Wildlife crossing would make travel safer for cougars and motorists


California’s Highway 101 may soon have a cougar overpass that will allow wild animals and human hikers to cross the 10-lane freeway without having to dodge traffic. As the human population of Southern California has grown, the wildlife population has been divided into pockets in preserves and parks. Traveling among these wildlife habitats has become […]

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Impossible Texting and Driving Test
Forcing young drivers to text and drive shows them its dangers


We’ve talked many times about the dangers of texting and driving, but there are still people who don’t get the point. Too many drivers think that it might be dangerous for other people but THEY can handle it. And unfortunately many of the worst offenders are our youngest, least experienced drivers. Their youthful belief in […]

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One Sticker for Auto Registration and Inspection
Texas' new one sticker program is months old, but questions remain

Texas new one sticker program for auto registration and inspection

2015 — the transition year to move toward having one window sticker for both auto registration and inspection — is almost 3/4s over. But the questions we’re getting in our defensive driving classes show there’s still some confusion over how this works. If you’re one of the people who still have questions, this is for […]

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You Need Defensive Driving as Texas Cities Ranked Among Best & Worst
from WalletHubs ranking of the 100 biggest US cities

driving in texas

WalletHub researched driving in the 100 largest cities in the USA and ranked them according to the costs of owning a car and commuting. And these were just the financial costs: their study included 21 key data and calculated the costs in terms of money, time, safety, and enjoyment. You can read the article and […]

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