Proposed Cougar Overpass in LA


California’s Highway 101 may soon have a cougar overpass that will allow wild animals and human hikers to cross the 10-lane freeway without having to dodge traffic. As the human population of Southern California has grown, the wildlife population has been divided into pockets in preserves and parks. Traveling among these wildlife habitats has become […]

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

bikers against child abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse is a motorcycle club with a very focused mission: to protect abused children. Since its founding in the mid 90s, BACA (to use the acronym) has been there to protect children victimized by abuse and to help them find their courage again. Numerous times, the reassuring presence of members in a court room […]

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10 Stupid Things about Dallas


You can’t teach defensive driving in Dallas, Texas, for as long as we have without learning a thing or two about The City of Large Blonde Hair. That’s why I was amused to see our plucky little magazine, The Dallas Observer, publish 10 Really Stupid Things About Dallas a few hours ago. Written by Amy McCarthy […]

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The Texas Bucket List

texas monthly's bucket list

It’s been five years since Texas Monthly magazine published their “Bucket List” of 63 experiences every Texan should have. Five years, and I’m still a bit embarrassed by how few of them I’ve done. How do your Texas experiences compare with Texas Monthly’s list? And to be fair, Texas Monthly magazine actually controls who can […]

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Back to School Driving

back to school safe driving tips

With summer ending and kids heading back to school again, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of how to drive around this giant yellow buses and all those kids again. #1 Respect the Bus Imagine that it was you driving a huge yellow box around, loaded with 40 middle school kids. It might be a […]

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You Need Defensive Driving as Texas Cities Ranked Among Best & Worst

driving in texas

WalletHub researched driving in the 100 largest cities in the USA and ranked them according to the costs of owning a car and commuting. And these were just the financial costs: their study included 21 key data and calculated the costs in terms of money, time, safety, and enjoyment. You can read the article and […]

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