Not Everyone Gets Every Joke

Not everyone has the same sense of humor. Sometimes we get comments like this one about our online defensive driving course: I learned a lot, but it wasn’t funny. The jokes were boring. I didn’t laugh once.   Here’s our standard response:   We’re glad you learned a lot from our online defensive driving course, but we’re…

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Halloween Driving Tips

Halloween poses some interesting conditions for drivers. For a few hours, residential streets become the territory of shortish superheroes and micro monsters, running from house to house to get “the good stuff.” It’s like the streets belong to them and cars become the intruders. Just be patient, accept the situation, and adjust your driving to…

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How Can a Corporate Defensive Driving Class Benefit Your Company?

A corporate defensive driving class like those that Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has taught for years has benefits to both the company and all the employees to take the course. Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety for employees who drive on the job. Fewer collisions to company vehicles help control insurance costs. And safer drivers…

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The Coolest Cars of the 70s

Just yesterday I was telling my niece (currently at Kennesaw State University — Go, Owls!) that there was nothing worth remembering about 1970s style. Not the fashion. Not the interior design. And especially not the hair styles. But then this morning I found this video clip on Car Throttle’s YouTube channel that reminded me of…

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Pebble Beach Car Week’s Hottest Auction Items

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is a classic cars event that goes back more than fifty years. Every year serious car collectors gather and compete. Events include the Monterey historic races at Laguna Seca and several other events, as well as a number of big-ticket auto auctions. This year, Alexander Stoklosa at Car & Driver…

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San Antonio Defensive Driving

UPDATE: Our San Antonio defensive driving class locations have changed since this was first published. For our current defensive driving class schedule, always check our calendar of classes. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is coming to San Antonio. Beginning the last weekend in July, we’ll be having our live defensive driving classes at our first location…

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Terry Yates Publishes 3rd Book in His Trilogy

If you’re looking for something to read this summer, our man Terry Yates has published FULL MOON WORLD, the third installment of his popular Full Moon trilogy of werewolf novels. This third book in the series find the werewolves have spread across the globe. The survivors from the first two books have traveling with refugees as they move…

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Crazy Things on Texas Highways

The weirdly wonderful Dallas Observer asked their readers about the craziest things they’ve seen while tooling along the highways in Texas. This article of theirs names the Top 10 choices. How many of these things have you seen yourself? And what would you say is the weirdest thing you seen along a Texas road?

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