Driving in Rainy Weather


Driving in rainy weather is something that every driver in Texas will face sooner or later. We do not always drive in ideal conditions. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, and flood conditions make for difficult driving, and drivers must develop special skills for handling these conditions. The best advice when approaching any of these adverse conditions is: DO NOT PANIC. […]

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Too emotional to be driving?


The idea is simple: anything that affects how you think also affects how you drive. And that includes your emotional state. Your emotional state affects your perception of the world around you and your ability to make decisions, and that means your emotions affect your driving. As odd as it may sound at first, there […]

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Technology changes as break-neck speed, and that included the technology designed to keep drivers safer in their cars. No doubt there are many drivers whose cars contain vehicle safety equipment that they don’t fully understand or use in the most efficient way. But here comes the website My Car Does What to the rescue. Mycardoeswhat.org […]

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Animation: Western Spaghetti

Ordinary objects become something else in this short animation by PES. PES is the professional name of Adam Pesapane,  an American director and stop-motion animator of numerous short films and commercials. In 2013, his short animation Fresh Guacamole was  nominated for the Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film. And for those of you who […]

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Dallas Comedy House Wins Again

Dallas Comedy House

The Dallas Comedy House has shown up in the Dallas Observer‘s annual Best of Dallas poll. This time, the unassuming club in Deep Ellum has been named Best Comedy Club for 2015. Dallas Comedy House can add this being named Best Budget Weekend Entertainment in 2013, and also Best Improvised Fun in 2011. In 2010 the magazine named […]

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Demonstrating Why Safety Belts Matter

The Convincer safety belt demonstration machine

Last week, the importance of wearing your safety belt was plain to not just see, but to experience first-hand. The Connecticut State Police and the University of Hartford Public Safety Department worked together to show students why it’s so important to wear safety belts as they put students into “The Convincer,” a fairly simple machine that […]

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Proposed Cougar Overpass in LA


California’s Highway 101 may soon have a cougar overpass that will allow wild animals and human hikers to cross the 10-lane freeway without having to dodge traffic. As the human population of Southern California has grown, the wildlife population has been divided into pockets in preserves and parks. Traveling among these wildlife habitats has become […]

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Bikers Against Child Abuse

bikers against child abuse

Bikers Against Child Abuse is a motorcycle club with a very focused mission: to protect abused children. Since its founding in the mid 90s, BACA (to use the acronym) has been there to protect children victimized by abuse and to help them find their courage again. Numerous times, the reassuring presence of members in a court room […]

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