Commuting Time

The above chart of total time spend commuting to work is something we found on The Washington Post’s Wonkblog. How does your commute compare with that chart? How much time do you spend getting to and from work every day? And we almost added “What else could you be doing with that time?” But let’s…

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Denton Defensive Driving at Drunken Donkey

Comedy Guys adds new location for Denton Defensive Driving Classes Comedy Guys has added The Drunken Donkey – Denton location to its schedule of defensive driving classes. Comedy Guys Defensive Driving at Drunken Donkey – Denton 3350 Unicorn Lake Blvd Denton TX 76210 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10am to 4pm These classes are taught by comedian Karen Crowell,…

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Be Careful on Short Trips, Too

The week before last, I had to take a training class which meant driving 10 miles out of my way in the rain down the infamous Central Expressway through Dallas. Nothing happened. But the day before, I had backed into a car and broken its headlights before I even got out of my driveway. As…

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Defensive Driving in Tyler

New Location for Defensive Driving in Tyler After the closing of Ryan’s Family Steakhouse, Comedy Guys Defensive Driving in Tyler had to find a new location for our driving safety classes. And we did. A great location, as a matter of fact. One we’re very happy to add to our schedule of defensive driving classes.…

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Great reviews for Comedy Guys Arlington classes

Gene McGuire, who teaches our Thursday morning defensive driving classes in Arlington, has been collecting an impressive number of positive reviews on our Facebook page. Nick C. recently said, “I’m normally not one to leave a review on anything but I was very impressed with the class I recently attended in Arlington. Gene was great…

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The Path of Least Resistance

Of course, avoid a collision if you can. But if collision avoidance isn’t possible, there are ways to minimize collision damage. The most common of these ways is to choose a path of least resistance. This boils down to: If you’re going to hit something, aim for the thing that will do the least damage.…

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High-tech Parking Spaces

Parking difficult at your place? The Swiss company Cardok has engineered a lift that turns one parking space into two. Visit the English version of the company’s website here. Or see a photo collection from here.

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Roadside Repair Safety

Roadside repair safety is one of the many dangerous things that a driver may encounter, yet most of us don’t prepare for them. Every year, more than thousands of people are killed or injured while trying to repair something too close to traffic. If you find yourself in this situation, following these suggestions can help you…

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