Hyena's Comedy Club VIP PassesComedy Guys Defensive Driving wants to help you laugh off this traffic ticket experience, so we have arranged to give you two free VIP passes to Hyena's Comedy Club as a bonus for taking our classes. You'll laugh all the way home!

TEAseal_500x500Comedy Guys Defensive Driving (CO728) is fully approved and licensed by the State of Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Money back guaranteeComedy Guys Defensive Driving will refund any charges at your request prior to issuing your driving safety certificate. Once issued, we can no longer allow refunds. So try the course risk free..

our online course talks to youComedy Guys Defensive Driving online course provides a no charge option that reads the course to you so you can take the course while walking, jogging, etc. or anytime when watching video might not be possible. We focus on helping you get through your course quickly.

ApprovedComedyGuys.com (A Safer Driver, Inc.) (CP728) is fully approved and licensed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Defensive Driving Online

defensive driving online


  • TEA State Approved for ticket dismissal
  • Expedited Delivery options available
  • Free comedy club passes (DFW area only)
  • Money-back guarantee

Defensive Driving Classes

defensive driving classes


  • TEA State Approved for ticket dismissal
  • Expedited Delivery options available
  • Free comedy club passes (DFW area only)
  • Money-back guarantee




Online or in the Classroom, Comedy Guys offers the best Defensive Driving Experience for Texas drivers.


Very User Friendly

"The Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course was both informative and entertaining. I also found it to be extremely flexible and very user friendly.

I will recommend it to others.

Thank you."

Todd T
Ft Worth

Recommended For All Drivers

"The Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course was very informative and I recommend all drivers take this course at least once every 2 years.

Thank you!"

Sarah C

Turned A Chore Into A Laugh

"Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is a wonderful site.  So easy and efficient.

Thank you for turning a chore into a laugh!"

Heather C

More Enjoyable Than Any Other Program

"Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course made getting through my speeding ticket much more enjoyable than any other program I have taken part of.

Thank you!"

Kelly Z

Is A Great Course

"Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course is great!  All the program is easy to learn and funny at the same time.

Thank You!"

Jesus K

Getting A Traffic Ticket Was Never So Funny

"Who knew I'd be laughing after getting an expensive traffic ticket? Comedy Guys Defensive Driving did because they served up a Texas State Approved online defensive driving course on my iPad and mobile device and I got my ticket dismissed PLUS they gave me two free comedy club passes where I continued laughing about how easy they made it to get my ticket dismissed."

Richard D

Entertaining Yet Serious

"Very surprised by how entertaining the Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course really was, but not so much that it distracted from the seriousness of the material."

Creighton S


Classroom & Online Defensive Driving Texas

Seal_of_Texas.svgA state certified Texas defensive driving course can clean up your driving record by getting speeding tickets dismissed. It can also get you a discount on your auto insurance and help you become a safer driver.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has more defensive driving classes available in: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and other Texas cities than any other Defensive Driving course provider.

If you would prefer to take our defensive driving classes from the comfort of your own home, our online Texas defensive driving course works on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.


Texas Education Agency Approved

TEAseal_500x500Comedy Guys defensive driving classes and our online driving safety course are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as course provider #CP0728.

TEA approval makes our certificates of course completion valid with any Texas court for ticket dismissal.  Our course certificates are also accepted by most auto insurance companies to qualify drivers for discounted insurance premiums.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving diligently maintains our TEA approved status, with annual updates to our driving safety curriculum and yearly re-training of our defensive driving instructors.


Dismiss That Ticket

ticket dimissal defensive driving classesA defensive driving certificate is one of the best ways to get a speeding ticket or other moving violation dismissed. A driving safety certificate of completion from Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is valid in every court across Texas, and will make it possible for you to lower the costs you’ll have to pay the court, clean up your driving record, and keep your auto insurance rates from going up.

Your first step, though, is to contact the court that issued your ticket: you’ll need their approval to have the ticket dismissed before you take Comedy Guys defensive driving course.

Insurance Discounts

auto insurance discounts driving safety classesReducing auto insurance costs is a great way to save money, and Comedy Guys Defensive Driving can help you with that. Most major auto insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who complete a state approved defensive driving course like Comedy Guys offers.

Whether you complete our online defensive driving course or
take a driving safety class at one of our many locations, the certificate of completion you receive from Comedy Guys will qualify for an auto insurance discount. In fact, this is such a good way to cut auto insurance costs that we send out two copies of the certificates, one for the court to dismiss a ticket and one for the insurance company.

The standard auto insurance discount is 10% for three years, but check with your insurance company for the details about any defensive driving discount if offers.

texas driving safety certificates of completionUnlike most Texas defensive driving schools, Comedy Guys has an office that’s open every week day. That means we print and mail certificates five days a week, not just now and then when we have enough customers to make the printing necessary, like many of the smaller schools do.

That means that we’ll print your certificate of completion sooner and get it to you more quickly than many of our competitors.

Delivery Options

texas driving safety certificateHave you waited until the last minute? Don’t worry: at Comedy Guys, we deal with this all the time. That’s why we offer so many options for getting your certificate of completion delivered to you.

There’s no extra charge for delivery by regular mail because that’s included in the cost of the class. For most locations in Texas, we offer overnight mail, including early morning arrival and Saturday delivery. And for some cities, Comedy Guys even offers courier service, so you can get your certificate the same day it's printed, if you live DFW within the area where courier delivery is available.

Why Take Texas Defensive Driving?

A state licensed defensive driving course in Texas like Comedy Guys offers many benefits to Texas drivers. First, defensive driving can be used to remove a speeding ticket or other moving violation from a driving record. This lessens the risk of having to pay a three-year stipend to the state under the Texas Point System, and getting a ticket dismissed avoids an increase in your auto insurance rates.

In fact, most auto insurance companies offer a discount to their policy holders who take a defensive driving rate. This policy varies from company to company, but with most companies offering an insurance discount of 10% for three years, a Texas driver can save quite a bit of money by taking a state approved defensive driving course.

Finally but perhaps most importantly, a thorough and well-taught defensive driving class like Comedy Guys offers can make you a safer and better informed driver. Laws change, and Comedy Guys keeps its curriculum up-to-date with the latest changes to the laws. Research finds driving practices that reduce risks and make driving safer, and a Comedy Guys Defensive Driving class will tell you about the latest practices to stay safe behind the wheel.

Why Take Comedy Guys Defensive Driving?

Texas Defensive Driving Courses have to be six hours long, but that doesn't mean they have to be tedious. Comedy Guys hires professional comedians and actors to teach its driving safety classes. We cover all the required material for a state certified course, but we make it fun.

Many Texas defensive driving schools are small, one-man operations. They print certificates when they have to, and if you call them you get an answering machine. But Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has an actual office that's open five days a week. Call our number and a person will answer. And we print defensive driving certificates every week day, so we can get your certificate into your hands faster than many of our competitors.

And Comedy Guys won't surprise you with any hidden charges. The cost of the course includes the printing and mailing of your certificate and — in the case of the live classes — the cost of your meal and drinks. One payment takes care of everything, unless you need rush delivery.

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