Texas Driving Records – Only $12

(Originally published 4/22/2013. Update 6/20/2017) COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Fill out one online form at Texas.gov, pay them $12 via your credit card, and you can print official Texas driving records out there and then. No extra fees or hidden charges, and no getting advantage of by untrustworthy…

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Students Praise Our Instructor Karen Crowell

COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE  COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE It’s been over a year since Karen Crowell joined Comedy Guys as a driving safety instructor. And she certainly jumped in with both feet, taking on many classes in widespread locations. She worked hard to find us new Metroplex locations for our defensive driving classes.…

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Tire Maintenance

  (Our guy Tom Lenaghen as a very unique sense of humor, and it’s obvious all through this article about tire maintenance. Please let us know what you think of this.)   COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches…

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Happy Birthday, Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld made a career about nothing. His stand-up about the mundane aspects of life was eventually turned into Seinfeld, a brilliant show about nothing. For nine season, he and the cast made America laugh with tales of average days in the life of a stand-up comic. When the show came to an end in 1998,…

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Preparing Your Car for Summer

Preparing your car for summer is important because summertime driving can be so hard on a vehicle. Especially in Texas. Your air conditioner works harder. The air in your tires expand in the heat. Any breakdown becomes more miserable if you have to deal with it on a sunny day with triple-digit temperatures. And longer trips…

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Denton Defensive Driving Name Change

Denton Defensive Driving Classes Dallas Craft Company 3350 Unicorn Lake Blvd Denton Texas 76210 every other Wednesday at 10am map and directions   Comedy Guys Homepage Comedy Guys Online Course It was almost a year ago that we started having our state-approved defensive driving classes at The Drunken Donkey in Denton. And it’s been a great location for us:…

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Happy Birthday, Mitch Hedberg

Mitch Hedberg would be turning 49 today, except that he’s not with us anymore. But, man, did he make us laugh while he was here. His material, his delivery, and his persona onstage were all very unique. You can see that for yourself in this video of an early appearnce on the David Letterman show.…

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Rockwall Defensive Driving Location at Texas Land & Cattle

UPDATED IN APRIL 2017: We’ve had to change our original plans to have Sunday classes at this location. These classes are not scheduled for Tuesdays at noon.    Comedy Guys Defensive Driving announces their new Garland and Rockwall defensive driving class location: the Texas Land & Cattle Restaurant at 4881 Bass Pro Drive. Garland and Rockwall Defensive Driving…

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