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Defensive Driving Texas online is so easy! Comedy Guys offers our regular course videos and text PLUS an audio only (no reading) course that has even fewer questions to pass!


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  • GLAMM SARI Avatar
    - Google

    Best Safety Course, i would never think of taking a course would be so easy and fun with some good ol' jokes but it was!... read more

    John Martin Avatar
    John Martin
    - Google

    Was worth going to class. Learnt a lot and time passed quickly.

    Marz Reed Avatar
    Marz Reed
    - Facebook

    Went to Gene Maguire's class . He was hilarious AND informative. Actually had a great time! Time just flew by.

    Coral Wells Avatar
    Coral Wells
    - Facebook

    Gean McGuire was a wonderful instructor!

  • Sai Bapat Avatar
    Sai Bapat
    - Facebook

    The online course available is absolutely amazing! I am a busy college student with a lot on her plate, but this course made things very... read more

    Charlotte L Suter Avatar
    Charlotte L Suter
    - Facebook

    Yepper's, just finished online course yesterday evening, mark was absolutely amazing, held my hand thru it. Wk... read more

    Gina Beth Truitt Avatar
    Gina Beth Truitt
    - Facebook

    High five to Mark for his remarkable patience while dealing with me and making my experience EASY, BREEZY, BEAUTIFUL, COVERGIRL! Of course, I waited until... read more

    Taylor Baril Avatar
    Taylor Baril
    - Google

    I used Comedy Guys online, and it was super quick and easy! I recommend 100%

  • Samantha Durbin Avatar
    Samantha Durbin
    - Facebook

    I took a class in Arlington and it was great! Time went by fast for a defensive driving class! Billy is hilarious!

    Connie Tijerina Avatar
    Connie Tijerina
    - Facebook

    I use them exclusively when I get ticket. Have used Comedy Guy's since late

    90's. Classes are convenient and they use actual comedians makes 6 hour...
    read more

    Alisha Pace Avatar
    Alisha Pace
    - Facebook

    THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL MVP'S!!! I was caught up in the midst of moving to a different state, finding a job, etc., and put... read more

    Elboney Lesane Ojobor Avatar
    Elboney Lesane Ojobor
    - Facebook

    I had a great experience with this company. The telephone support guy was really helpful and I got my certificate within five days of... read more

  • Karina Garcia Avatar
    Karina Garcia
    - Facebook

    Way better than online, instructed by a great instructor!

    Time flew by @ El Chico Arlington in the morning class with Gene McGuire!

    Randy Diaz Avatar
    Randy Diaz
    - Facebook

    The class was entertaining and very educating all at the same time. Glad I was reminded of some of the very crucial traffic laws and... read more

    June Caldwell McCollum Avatar
    June Caldwell McCollum
    - Facebook

    Gene McGuire is awesome & time will fly because it s so interesting !

    Liliana E. Garza Avatar
    Liliana E. Garza
    - Facebook

    Took the online course, finished within a day and a half. Certificate was mailed next day - fast easy and informative.

  • Tom Serrago Avatar
    Tom Serrago
    - Facebook

    I felt that the online course was excellent, and received my certificate in two days! Thanks Comedy Guys!!

    Kecia Ford Avatar
    Kecia Ford
    - Facebook

    Comedy Guys is a company that is professional. They have great information, they know Texas Law and make learning fun.

    Natnael Eyassu Avatar
    Natnael Eyassu
    - Facebook

    Great customer service/ phone support! Ordered over night shipping and was satisfied. Overall positive experience and smooth process.

    Evette Lady Mason-Ferguson Avatar
    Evette Lady Mason-Ferguson
    - Facebook

    Chuck was great. He kept the class moving and he was funny. The class went by quickly because we were having fun.

  • Chad C Corbett Avatar
    Chad C Corbett
    - Facebook

    I recently took an online defensive driver course through Comedy Guys. Don't judge; don't hate. I got caught in a momentary lapse of focus.... read more

    Kimberly Skillman-Davis Avatar
    Kimberly Skillman-Davis
    - Facebook

    I would like to take a moment and say that I really appreciate Comedy Guys for helping get me through defensive driving class. I... read more

    Danielle Voiculescu Avatar
    Danielle Voiculescu
    - Google

    Had to take this because I accidentally sped - for real. Didn't notice a speed change. First citation in 15 years of driving. Thankfully, taking... read more

    Billy Goldberg Avatar
    Billy Goldberg
    - Facebook

    Great course! Didn't need ticket dismissal, just an insurance discount. The humorous jokes keep things from being dull and boring. My wife took another online... read more

  • Megan Krodel Avatar
    Megan Krodel
    - Facebook

    Although defensive driving is never fun, Comedy Guys made it bearable with its easy to follow slides and comedy skits through out! Just wanted to... read more

    Nick Culliton Avatar
    Nick Culliton
    - Facebook

    I'm normally not one to leave a review on anything but I was very impressed with the class I recently attended in Arlington. Gene... read more

    Christie 'Myers' Byrd Avatar
    Christie 'Myers' Byrd
    - Facebook

    Reasonably funny, informative and not as boring as other Defensive Driving courses!

    Kori Corson Avatar
    Kori Corson
    - Facebook

    Had a great experience with Comedy Guys Defensive Drive course. I hate to say that this is the second time that I have had to... read more

  • Tyson Morelan Avatar
    Tyson Morelan
    - Facebook

    I was at Gene Mcquires class on Thursday and I absolutely loved it! I will never take an online class again!!! Incredible and fun! A... read more

    Chelsea Pyle Avatar
    Chelsea Pyle
    - Facebook

    Comedy guys makes the class more interesting and funny with their skits, jokes and videos! If I ever had any questions, Customer Service was very... read more

    Sarah Tabor Avatar
    Sarah Tabor
    - Google

    In my honest opinion ... I hate having to watch videos or read stuff especially when I have to sit in a seat for to... read more

    Paola Hernandez Avatar
    Paola Hernandez
    - Google

    I have actually used Comedy Guys twice. Both times were very easy to sign up for and I received my certificate in a timely... read more


Comedy Guys Course

Flexible and Easy to Use
Log in and out whenever you want, as many times as you want. Comedy Guys defensive driving Texas online requires no apps or plugins to install.

State-approved for Texas drivers
Comedy Guys Defensive Driving™ school (CO728) by A Safer Driver, Inc. (CP728)  is Texas State Approved. Our certificates meet court requirements for getting speeding tickets dismissed.

Valid for Auto Insurance Discounts
We always send two copies of your certificate, one for the court and one for your insurance company. 

Works on Mobile Devices
Comedy Guys online course was the first to be created to work on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

No-Reading Option
Every text page of our course has an audio file. Click the button and our course will read itself to you. TIP: The audio course requires fewer questions to pass. How great is that?

Money-back Guarantee
If you cancel the course anytime before we issue your certificate of completion, you can get a full refund.


The fun, easy, and convenient way
to dismiss your ticket
and lower your insurance costs.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving course is available on mobile devices and with the ability to log in and out as often as you want and is  convenient. You can instantly download your certificate upon completion of the course, lower your insurance costs, and make that ticket go away.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving™ school (CO728) by A Safer Driver, Inc. (CP728)  is Texas State Approved. Our certificates are approved and valid in every court in Texas.

Got some free time but no computer? Login and take our driving safety course on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device! Comedy Guys Defensive Driving Texas online course was one of the first defensive driving course made for your iPhone.

Our online course is all Internet-based with nothing to download or install. Because it doesn't require Flash like some other courses, you can login anywhere your iPhone, iPad, or Android can get to the Internet.

Our defensive driving online course is now as mobile as you are!

Our Texas state-approved course is all original content, using text, videos, and graphics to cover the state-approved curriculum for ticket dismissal.

Going at your own speed, you’ll work your way through the ten chapters surprisingly quickly.

Sprinkled throughout our defensive driving Texas online course are review questions, all intended to help you to prepare for the 25 multiple-choice test at the end. But don't let the word “test” intimidate you. You'll get three tries, and we're always a phone call away to help you succeed.

Laugh Off That Ticket In The Best Defensive Driving Course Online and In More Classrooms

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Comedy Guys Defensive Driving™ school (CO728) by A Safer Driver, Inc. (CP728)  is Texas State Approved. We provide the shortest online defensive driving course allowed by law and it works on iPhones, iPads, Android and other mobile devices plus, instant certificate download is available.

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Comedy Guys Defensive Driving classroom instruction provides more scheduled defensive driving classes taught by professional entertainers than any other safety school in Texas. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and we back your experience with our iron-clad money-back guarantee.

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