Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips

Why Safety Belts Matter...

Why Safety Belts Matter
Last week, the importance of wearing your safety belt was plain to not just see, but to experience f[...]

Watch for Motorcycles...

Watch for Motorcycles

Too emotional to be driving?...

Too emotional to be driving?
The idea is simple: anything that affects how you think also affects how you drive. And that incl[...]

Roadside Repair Safety...

Roadside Repair Safety
Roadside repair safety is one of the many dangerous things that a driver may encounter, yet most of [...]

Preparing Your Car for Summer...

Preparing Your Car for Summer
Preparing your car for summer is important because summertime driving can be so hard on a vehicl[...]

Minimize Collision Damage: Take the Path of ...

Minimize Collision Damage: Take the Path of Least Resistance
(Updated Feb 14, 2017 Originally published 12/28.2015) Of course, you should always avoid a coll[...]

Impossible Texting and Driving Test...

Impossible Texting and Driving Test
We've talked many times about the dangers of texting and driving, but there are still people who don[...]

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer...

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer
For many of us, summer time means family vacations, and making time to prepare your car for summer d[...]

How to Avoid Road Rage...

How to Avoid Road Rage
Sooner or later, every driver gets into a situation that makes them angry. Most of us stay ration[...]

Halloween Driving Tips...

Halloween Driving Tips
Halloween poses some interesting conditions for drivers. For a few hours, residential streets bec[...]

Driving in Rainy Weather...

Driving in Rainy Weather
Driving in rainy weather is something that every driver in Texas will face sooner or later. We do[...]

Defensive Driving Tip 2 - Speed Limits...

Defensive Driving Tip 2 - Speed Limits
Defensive Driving Tip 2: Speed Limits   The speed limit is the speed limit when conditions[...]

Defensive Driving Tip 1 - Pay Attention...

Defensive Driving Tip 1 - Pay Attention
Defensive Driving Tip 1: Pay Attention to Your Driving   A distracted driver is a dangerou[...]

Be Careful on Short Trips, Too...

Be Careful on Short Trips, Too
The week before last, I had to take a training class which meant driving 10 miles out of my way in t[...]

Back to School Driving...

Back to School Driving
With summer ending and kids heading back to school again, it's a good time to remind ourselves of ho[...]

Defensive Driving Tip #1

Don’t Get Distracted

Driving needs every bit of attention that you can give it to be as safe as possible.

Defensive Driving Tip #2

Speed Limits

It’s possible to drive under the limit and still be going too fast.

Defensive Driving Tip #3

Vehicle Maintenance

The better job you do at taking care of your car, the better your car will be able to protect you.

Defensive Driving Tip #4

Safety Belts, Etc.

The correct way to use the safety equipment in your car. comedy guys defensive driving tips, maintain your car

Defensive Driving Tip #5


Many drivers have a hard time taking turns. Do you know what you need to know about it?

Defensive Driving Tip #6

A Safety Zone

Other drivers can do stupid things. Learn how to keep yourself safe when they do.

Defensive Driving Tip #7

Big Trucks

Knowing a few simple things can make you safer sharing the road with big trucks.

Defensive Driving Tip #8

Following Distance

How much following distance do you need to be safe? Most drivers don’t really know.

Defensive Driving Tip #9

Trip Planning

Common sense precautions before you set out on a road trip will keep you safer as you drive.

Defensive Driving Tip #10

Construction Zones

Good advice to keep you safer and less stressed while driving through road construction.

Defensive Driving Tip #11

School Zones

Know what do do to make yourself and all those school kids safer in school zones.

Defensive Driving Tip #12

Signals & Signs

These things are everywhere, but so are the drivers who only think they understand them.

Defensive Driving Tip #13

Halloween Driving

Halloween can be a dangerous night of special driving conditions. Learn to keep the kids safer.

Defensive Driving Tip #14

Driving on Ice

Knowing how to drive on ice and snow will to keep you and your passengers safe.

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