Defensive Driving Tips

Driving can be aggravating and downright dangerous.

Other drivers will do things that annoy you, inconvenience you, and even endanger you.

Or you may have some bad driving habits yourself.

And even the best drivers can learn a few tricks and techniques to make them safer on the road.

We hope that these defensive driving tips will help to make you a safer driver.


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Defensive Driving Tips

Work Zone Awareness Week...

Work Zone Awareness Week
by Gene McGuire Have you ever been running late on your commute to work and suddenly the red tail[...]

Winter Driving...

Winter Driving
Over the River and Through the Woods The Challenges of Winter Driving by Gene McGuire  [...]

Why Safety Belts Matter...

Why Safety Belts Matter
Last week, the importance of wearing your safety belt was plain to not just see, but to experience f[...]

What to Do After a Crash...

What to Do After a Crash
“I’m an Excellent Driver” What to do if you are in an auto collision by Gene McGuire Althou[...]

Watch for Motorcycles...

Watch for Motorcycles

Valentine's Day Driving Tips...

Valentine's Day Driving Tips
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought maybe a nice little love letter about safe [...]

Too emotional to be driving?...

Too emotional to be driving?
The idea is simple: anything that affects how you think also affects how you drive. And that incl[...]

Tire Maintenance...

Tire Maintenance
  (Our guy Tom Lenaghen as a very unique sense of humor, and it's obvious all through this [...]

Tip 1 - Pay Attention...

Tip 1 - Pay Attention
Pay Attention to Your Driving Environment Paying Closer Attention to Traffic and Road Conditions Wi[...]

Safer Country Driving...

Safer Country Driving
There is a misconception that it is more dangerous driving in cities than in the country. While en[...]

Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers...

Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers
Hey there, Parents. Life is great, isn’t it? You have your bills under control, you just came bac[...]

Roadside Repair Safety...

Roadside Repair Safety
Roadside repair safety is one of the many dangerous things that a driver may encounter, yet most of [...]

Preparing Your Car for Summer...

Preparing Your Car for Summer
Preparing your car for summer is important because summertime driving can be so hard on a vehicl[...]

Minimize Collision Damage: Take the Path of ...

Minimize Collision Damage: Take the Path of Least Resistance
(Updated Feb 14, 2017 Originally published 12/28.2015) Of course, you should always avoid a coll[...]

March MADDness: Talking to Your Kids about D...

March MADDness: Talking to Your Kids about Drinking and Driving
Spring. The season of growth and newness, of apple blossoms and gentle breezes, fragrances, birds[...]

Littering in the Lone Star State...

Littering in the Lone Star State
Littering is tossing down, on purpose or accidentally, any trash that does not end up in a prope[...]

Impossible Texting and Driving Test...

Impossible Texting and Driving Test
We've talked many times about the dangers of texting and driving, but there are still people who don[...]

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer...

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer
For many of us, summer time means family vacations, and making time to prepare your car for summer d[...]

How to Avoid Road Rage...

How to Avoid Road Rage
Sooner or later, every driver gets into a situation that makes them angry. Most of us stay ration[...]

Halloween Driving Tips...

Halloween Driving Tips
Halloween poses some interesting conditions for drivers. For a few hours, residential streets bec[...]

Driving on Icy Roads and Snow...

Driving on Icy Roads and Snow
For most of us, driving is the most high risk activity we engage in. Bad weather conditions, [...]

Driving in Rainy Weather...

Driving in Rainy Weather
Driving in rainy weather is something that every driver in Texas will face sooner or later. We do[...]

Driving in Rain and Floods...

Driving in Rain and Floods
Photo by a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand As the seasons change in Texas from winter to spring, ou[...]

Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers (vide...

Driving Hacks from Experienced Drivers (video)
Here's a collection of 16 driving hacks to make your driving safer or more convenient, from the [...]

Dogs in Hot Cars...

Dogs in Hot Cars
Dogs in Hot Cars Protecting your Best Friend from the Worst Heat It's all about dogs this time[...]

Defensive Driving Tip 2 - Speed Limits...

Defensive Driving Tip 2 - Speed Limits
Defensive Driving Tip 2: Speed Limits   The speed limit is the speed limit when conditions[...]

Bicycle Safety...

Bicycle Safety
About 4 million Texans ride bicycles every year. But Texas ranks 33rd among the states as far as [...]

Be Careful on Short Trips, Too...

Be Careful on Short Trips, Too
The week before last, I had to take a training class which meant driving 10 miles out of my way in t[...]

Back to School Driving...

Back to School Driving
With summer ending and kids heading back to school again, it's a good time to remind ourselves of ho[...]

Avoiding Auto Mechanic Rip Offs...

Avoiding Auto Mechanic Rip Offs
Avoiding auto mechanic rip offs essentially comes down to one thing. Trust. Finding out who dese[...]

8 Right of Way Principles...

8 Right of Way Principles
  “Right of way” is the name that we give to the rules governing which car gets to go firs[...]

10 Tips for New Drivers (video)...

10 Tips for New Drivers (video)
10 useful tips for new drivers. Well, it says "new drivers," but just driving around Dallas, I ca[...]

10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Worldwi...

10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Worldwide
We've all seen bad drivers on the road. Of course we have. After all there are so many of them.[...]

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  1. Baxter Abel on 12/02/2016 at 11:02 am

    I appreciate what you said about knowing who has the right of way as very important to defensive driving. I also agree that safe driving has a lot to do with knowing the proper following distance. A lot of people follow other drivers way too closely when driving.

    • Wes Williams

      on 12/02/2016 at 1:35 pm

      I agree. Statistics keep showing that following too closely is in the top ten reasons car crashes occur.

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