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5 Insane Machines

Yes, there are five different cool new machines in the video from Top 10 Information below. But I’ll confess: After watching it, all I thought was that I wanted a Martin Jetpack. Check it out for yourself.

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10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Worldwide

We’ve all seen bad drivers on the road. Of course we have. After all there are so many of them. And yet no driver ever sets out to be a bad driver. No one gets behind the wheel and makes a conscious decision to be wreckless. To endanger their own life and those of many…

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New Arlington Defensive Driving Location

It’s been odd lately for our Arlington Defensive Driving classes lately. With two restaurants closing their doors in one month, we were left without an Arlington class location. But now Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is back in Arlington, with two weekday classes at the Spaghetti Warehouse. The restaurant is located at 1255 West Interstate 20,…

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Extreme Vehicles You Never Knew Existed

On their YouTube channel, the technophiles at Freeze Lists have compiled a lot of cool stuff. Including this profile of 8 extreme machines. Check it out, then tell us what you think. Which one of these would you most like to own?  

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New Fort Worth Defensive Driving Location

For years we had a very regular, very reliable defensive driving class in Fort Worth. Every Wednesday evening, we’d meet at the Denny’s at Hulen and Interstate 20 to get people’s tickets dismissed and driving records cleaned up. Since leaving that location, the Wednesday evening class has moved a few times. But now we hope…

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Bad Driving Habits That May Be Illegal

Beginning drivers are often the most dangerous because driving is new to them. They have to concentrate on everything, and any distraction can throw them and cause a crash. Certainly statistics prove that new drivers have more crashes. But over time, certain aspects of driving become habitual for them, just like they did for the…

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8 Ways Police Stop Dangerous Drivers

It’s been a full year since we told you about the Grappler Bumper. This was the invention of Leonard Stock of Phoenix to help police stop dangeroud drivers safely. Now here’s a video from featuring the Grappler and seven other methods police departments can use to slow, stop, track, or even destroy vehicles.

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