Defensive Driving

Texas Driving Records – Only $12

texas driving records

(Originally published 4/22/2013. Update 6/20/2017) COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Fill out one online form at, pay them $12 via your credit card, and you can print official Texas driving records out there and then. No extra fees or hidden charges, and no getting advantage of by untrustworthy…

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Speeding Ticket Dismissal

Speeding Ticket Dismissal Defensive Driving Certificate

COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE Speeding tickets are not fun. A speeding ticket is not supposed to be. They cause you hassle and embarrassment, cost you money, interfere with your already too-busy schedule, and make your auto insurance rates go up. If getting a speeding ticket feels like a punishment, that’s because…

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How Can a Corporate Defensive Driving Class Benefit Your Company?

A corporate defensive driving class like those that Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has taught for years has benefits to both the company and all the employees to take the course. Safe driving is a matter of occupational safety for employees who drive on the job. Fewer collisions to company vehicles help control insurance costs. And safer drivers…

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COMEDY GUYS HOMEPAGE COMEDY GUYS CLASS SCHEDULE COMEDY GUYS ONLINE COURSE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The answers to common questions about our Texas state-approved defensive driving course, including our convenient online course and our live driving safety classes.     Getting a speeding ticket dismissed in Texas by taking a state-certified defensive driving course can be a daunting task. You…

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What is Our Online Course Like

What is Our Online Defensive Driving Course Like? And please remember our money-back guarantee. We’ll refund your money and cancel your account if you ask anytime before you take the test at the end of the course.   Fill Out The Login Form. A few questions and you’re ready to go. We ask only for…

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Online Defensive Driving with No Reading

ONLINE DEFENSIVE DRIVING with NO READING We have a new video about how you can take our online defensive driving course with no reading! Comedy Guys Defensive Driving has added audio files to all the text pages of our online driving safety course. Click one button, and the page reads itself to you. Which leaves you…

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What Makes Comedy Guys Texas Defensive Driving the Best?

Get a speeding ticket in Texas, and a few days later you’ll find your mailbox full of postcards from various defensive driving schools. Texas has no shortage of driving safety schools that can get your ticket dismissed, clean up your driving record, and earn you a discount on your auto insurance. Some of these have…

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