Defensive Driving

Red Light Photo Enforcement Banned In Texas

Thanks to Texas legislators approving Texas House Bill 1631 and Governor Abbot signing it into law on June 1, 2019, Red Light Photo Enforcement is now banned in Texas!

One thing we know with 100% certainty, it is that taking our comedian taught live defensive driving class or online course is a lot more fun that getting any kind of ticket.

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Defensive Driving vs Driving Safety

Comedy Guys Logo for Defensive Driving Texas Classes

A “driving safety course” and a “defensive driving course” are the same thing. Almost everyone calls it “defensive driving” except for judges and attorneys who call it “driving safety.”

The change from calling what Comedy Guys does “driving safety” instead of “defensive driving” is coming from the Texas state agencies that regulate us and other driving safety school. It began when we were governed by the Texas Education Agency, and it continues under the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR to its friends).

So we say “driving safety” to keep them happy, but we also say “defensive driving” because that’s what is common.

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Ft Worth Defensive Driving Classes

We’re adding more Fort Worth classes to our defensive driving schedule.┬áStarting in November 2018, we’ll add driving safety classes in locations on both the north and south sides of Fort Worth.┬áThese new locations, added to our current driving safety classes in Fort Worth, Hurst, Arlington, and Burleson, will help us to get more tickets dismissed for drivers in the city where The West begins.

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Online Defensive Driving – Yelp Promotion

ONLINE DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE   Comedy Guys Online Defensive Driving Course       Dismiss your ticket, lower your insurance costs, and have some fun at the same time. With our course available on mobile devices and with the ability to log in and out as often as you want, the Comedy Guys online defensive driving…

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