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San Antonio Defensive Driving Classes

If you ever drive in San Antonio, you know what a challenge it can be. Large and widespread, with so many other towns and cities jammed in together that it’s easy to get lost. And even if you know your way around, you have to share the road with other people who maybe don’t.

San Antonio gives drivers many reasons to get frustrated and need to hurry. Which means many reasons to get a speeding ticket.

Comedy Guys Defensive Driving is the best way to get your speeding ticket dismissed.

You can see our San Antonio classes listed on our calendar.

Texas State Approved
Driving Safety Classes
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Price includes meal
and refreshments
Overnight Delivery of
Certificates Available
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Our San Antonio defensive driving classes are just like our classes taught in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Tyler.

  • State approved
    Our certificates satisfy court requirements for speeding ticket dismissal.
  • Meal included in the cost
    Unlike some schools, we won’t be handing you a separate bill for your food.
  • Certificates printed M-F
    Our office mails out certificates Monday through Friday, so we send out certificates quickly.
    And we offer several overnight delivery options.
  • Professional comedians
    We hire entertainers and comics to teach our classes to keep the boredom away.


San Antonio Defensive Driving Locations

The Alamo city and all of its suburbs are new territory for our defensive driving classes. But we hope to add more class dates and locations soon.

Trust Comedy Guys Defensive Driving to help you get your ticket dismissed and help us grow faster.


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