Get Your Texas Driving Record

texas driving records for ticket dismissalDid the court tell you to bring your Texas driving record in with your certificate?

If so, there are now three ways to get it.

Print Your Own Driving Record

  • Go to
  • Under the TOP SERVICES, click where it says Driver Records and fill out the form.
    (For ticket dismissal purposes, you'll need TYPE 3A.)
  • Pay $12 online and print the record for yourself before you log out. No fuss and no waiting.

You will need a working printer and Acrobat Reader.

Click To Get Your Driving Record


Get Your Driving Record by Mail

You can get from the court a form called Application for Copy of Driver Record. You can also print this from from the Texas DPS Website. Complete this form, then mail it to the address given.

The cost for requesting your form by mail is $10.

Request Your Driving Record Online

You can request your record be mailed to you from


Both mail or online requests can take some time, so don't wait until the last minute to request your record!

For those of you in or near Austin, it may be possible for you to pick it up in person at the following address.

5805 North Lamar Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78752-4422
512- 424-2000


Some companies will obtain your driving record for you but they charge a large fee for doing so.

These companies are simply going to the website and doing what you can do for yourself.

Never pay more than $12 for your driving record.


What's in your Texas Driving Record?

Like many other states, Texas law requires that a record be kept of every accident report and court record for each driver. In Texas, this record is your driving record. Every time you are involved in a crash or get ticketed for a moving violation, it goes on your record.

Tickets that are dismissed by taking a state-approved driving safety course should NOT show on your record.

The record will show that you took a defensive driving course but not the ticket.

If an insurance company or potential employer needs to see your driving record they can request a copy. And increasingly courts are requesting that people submit copies of their record when they want to have a ticket dismissed.

In Texas, there are various types of driving records, all containing different versions of your information. Type 1, for example, simply shows your name, birthdate, most recent address, and whether or not your driver license is currently valid.

For ticket dismissal purposes, you'll need to get Type 3A. This will show all the same information as Type 1 PLUS all accidents and convictions you've incurred while driving in Texas.

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